Thursday, August 13, 2009

Darius Guppy Another Aristocrat Fraudster Supporter for Ahmadinejad

Just got back to UK with a lot to tell and apparently with a lot to catch up with. While catching up with what has been happening in UK, first thing that made me laugh was the most ridiculous article I have yet read in support of Ahamdienjad and the 'fair elections' in Iran printed in the Independent by the Eton/Oxford educated aristocrat turned fraudster, Darius Guppy.

I have to say it does not surprise me when someone like Darius Guppy defends Ahmadinejad and the thuggish elite in Iran. There seems to be a fascination and obsession by the over privileged and aristocratic ilk like Baroness Afshar, Babak Emamian and Darius Guppy in defending the 'anti-imperialist' Islamic regime or the 'working class' Ahmadinejad cabinet. I have come across too many of these la-de-da bourgeois oinks who pretend to be some pro-proletariat revolutionaries concerned about the poor just in the SWP and Stop the War meetings alone, not to be surprised by coming across more of them any more, but normally they are sophisticated article writers who know how to talk the Leftist talk and bamboozle the useful idiots with the sort of things they like to read or hear. Guppy on the other hand is a halfwitted fool who despite all his inherited privileges and high level contacts and chums that he has got, still couldn't avoid prison for fraud.

Guppy's close friendship with Boris Johnson makes me wonder if that is the reason why the London mayor himself writes such ridiculous articles on Iran. His other close chums and what they write about Iran should be closely monitored now.

Guppy and his privileged chums can all be good material for a comedy play of course, except that the horrors that the victims of the ruling despots in Iran, these silver spoon fed hooray henrys try to defend and promote, is not funny at all.

Below is just a glimpse of what the prisoners of conscience in Iran have suffered, while the Hooray Henrys and the 'useful idiots' have cheered on their criminal oppressors. Guppy may be bitter about Britain and how his high position friends didn't manage to save him from prison but he should throw his hat up in the air that he was not jailed in Iran. May be one day he will be though, despots quickly turn on their cronies too when their sell by date passes.


Arash said...

What's REALLY annoying is the way that certain members of the easily convinced public have swallowed Guppy's lies whole. Check out the second letter written to the Independent yesterday:

A lesson in morality from Darius Guppy is akin to a lesson in women's rights from the Taleban.


Azarmehr said...

Thanks Arash for alerting me about this while I was away.

Sohrab said...

Wow, this guy tops all the other apologists. What a DOUCHE!

Winston said...

He was exposed left and right in the UK papers. And given that his garbage was hosted on Independent (a leftie paper) goes to show how some of these leftists are still in bed with the mullahs and their apologists outside of Iran

SZ said...

Pol Pot,

What you and Winston and the others don't realize is that YOU are in the minority, you are the ones that are hated and reviled by Iranians who actually live in Iran.

People in Iran hate people like you, who curse us from a distance and curse the very system we brought in via the 1979 revolution.

Its ok for you to say what you say, you'll grow old and die and Iran will still be an Islamic Republic. Its funny actually, you spend your whole life for a cause that has no support from iranians who live and die in Iran for their country.

Azarmehr said...

SZ, (sassy joon)

Sorry can you enlighten me, exactly what part did any of these people play in the 1979 revolution?

Mahmood Ahmadienjad,
Messbah Yazdi and the rest of the Hojatieh sect?

Hamid Molana?

Darius Guppy?

You lot who support this coup are nothing but cowards who always want to be close to those in power no matter what crimes they commit. THe only thing you lot will die for is for your wallets

andythemonk said...

I was led to this link from the site of a blogger who calls himself “Freeborn John.” (
Freeborn John is in fact Peter Risdon, the supergrass who betrayed his accomplices and gave evidence in the Darius Guppy trial. He is a well-known police informer as well as, apparently, an informer for other agencies. All this can be seen at
This is just a word of warning in case you have any associations with Peter Risdon. You should have nothing to do with this man. Peter Risdon is a low-life petty criminal and grass and the site above even includes statements from his work colleagues to that effect. Basically, he was the gunman in the Guppy robbery and was so impressed with how his accomplices had pulled off their coup that he tried to imitate them and try out his own version. But he was such a dick-head that he got immediately caught and sang like a canary. And, being a registered informant, Peter Risdon also grassed up his other accomplices in various other scams in which he’d taken part, including scamming the Inland Revenue for which he was prosecuted by the DTI and disqualified from being a company director.
Peter Risdon’s excuses (which you can see in the above site) for his criminal history are actually very funny.
Above all, Peter Risdon developed a really sick fixation with Darius Guppy. As one reviewer put it so beautifully:

“in fact underneath all of that is a another tale, the tale of a man, (Peter Risdon), who became obsessed with the other members of the team, in particular Darius Guppy, and how he was driven to betray his accomplices, not just to save his own skin from the cops but also by a bitter jealousy towards people who represented everything he wanted to be in life.” (

So when Peter Risdon criticizes Boris Johnson for standing by his friend what he’s really saying is that he’s angry that people like Guppy and Johnson weren’t like him and didn’t snitch on their friends. That’s what really hurts him. And, the fact that people like them rejected him. He hates them because all he ever wanted was to be like them, as the above reviewer has sussed-it out so well. That’s why he used to go around pretending he’d been to Eton and to University when in fact he’d attended some small college where he failed his exams. Peter Risdon was also terrified of Guppy as you can see from the website.

If you’re not associated with Peter Risdon then sorry for wasting you’re time. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

SZ said...

Pol Pot,

I never said these people played a part in the revolution. The PEOPLE of Iran played a part in the revolution.

I bet after the revolution, you were part of the Mujahedeen who fought with Iraq against our country!

You are a minority, you live abroad, and curse Iran from a distance, thats ok, just know you will die and Iran will be an Islamic Republic for many more years after your death. Our revolution, and the change it brought to our great nation is much bigger than some wannabe Iranian posting irrelevant posts on an irrelevant blog.

You and winston should have a sobbing party, you can cry about the Iran you imagine, rather than reality.

Azarmehr said...

Andy the monk

No I had never heard of Peter Risdon before, I dont mix in such circles. But it looks like you know Risodn and Guppy, and if you do tell him to shut the fuck up about Iran

Azarmehr said...

SZ (Sassy joon)

Actually I was against MKO before you were born, and I took no part in any political activity during the war. I thought fighting Saddam was the priority to all else, just like now I think fighting teh coup is the top priority to all else. B

But you are such a timid wanker you wont even reveal who you are and where you are even when you leave your silly comments which shows your double digit IQ.

SZ said...

Um... I am an IRANIAN! I live in Iran for half the year for my company, and the other half I live in the United States.

You are the one that is a true traitor. And when you can't argue facts about Iran, you start resorting to personal insults.

You want Iran to be a client state of the United States. You want Iran to give up its natural right to nuclear technology and enrichment under the NPT. You want Iran to stop supporting various groups around the Middle East just because you don't agree with them. In fact, I bet you would even want Iran to re-institute the criminal Shah so that he can turn Iran back into a client state of the west.

We say to people like you, no thanks, we like our government, it may not be perfect, and it may not be the best, but its ours, we brought it in, we support it, we live under it.

So fuck you! pol pot

SZ said...

and Pol Pot, you can check out my blog I started to counter you and winston the criminal.

Azarmehr said...

You are so timid, you cant even put a picture of yourself on your pathetic blog and say who you are.

You are a coward and supporter of a rapist government no wonder you cant show your face. But we will track you down dont worry

Azarmehr said...

SZ (sassy zerzeroo)

Well here is my blog, don't just talk out of your arse show me where I say such things?

I loathe the likes of you and Guppy. You are all the scum of the earth, silver spoon fed shits with no conscience, no face, no name, no morals, total nothings.

Anonymous said...

America's president Obama supports Ahmadinejad for leader. Obama is evil in doing this.

SZ said...

pol pot,

wait, so now you want a picture of me to debate me? what are you a fag bag?

I am a supporter of a rapist government? why don't you come to Tehran and say that to the Iranians living there and who vote and support our government. you are the timid one pol pot, you just sound tough on a blog from your armchair in the UK!

HAHAHA..and you want to track me down? really? why don't you reveal your whereabouts then hot shot. why don't you step up and call out "winston" for not revealing his real name or picture? Oh wait, your hypocrisy is only for real Iranians, for fakers like yourself and winston, it doesn't exist.

Peter Risdon said...

The andythemonk comment was almost certainly made by Darius Guppy - if you're sufficiently interested check out the source ip address - it's likely to have been anonymized by the Tor network. The website Guppy refers is anonymously registered and hosted, because it was set up for the single, simple purpose of lying. The review at Amazon no doubt written by one of his many sock puppets.

Guppy is an obsessive nut who trawls round blogs like this trying to defame me, but not enough of a man to do so in his own name or to stand and face me in person.

I leave this comment in my own name and stand by my own words, Guppy hides behind pseudonyms because he is a coward, and in order to lie with impunity.

You decide who is the coward and liar.

andythemonk said...

Good to hear you’re not connected to Peter Risdon.

Peter Risdon writes above about Guppy defaming him and not doing so in person.

Er… excuse me?

Visit and go to Exhibit 53. You will see that Guppy sues Peter Risdon in his own name for – you’ve guessed it – defamation! And he won. Risdon had to remove a number of webpages from his blog where he’d defamed Guppy and pay damages to a charity. (Let’s hope Guppy’s lawyers don’t see Peter Risdon’s latest post in your blog).

Peter Risdon then accuses Guppy of ‘sock puppetry’ in relation to an Amazon review. Visit the above site and go to Exhibit 49 – where Risdon writes a ‘review’ on Amazon in which he’s caught lying. In his own name? No – you’ve guessed it – as a sock puppet! (He uses the pseudonym ‘Unforgiven’).

Lies? Only one of the exhibits in the above site comes from Guppy! The rest are police interviews, police statements, witness statements, arrest sheets, charge sheets, statements from his own work colleagues and a lot of the worst evidence as far as he’s concerned comes out of his own mouth!

Risdon talks about cowardice. Form your own impressions from the above site. Risdon used to run round his own office screaming in fear from a colleague who was half his size. In his own police statement he says how terrified he is of Guppy. His whole life has been a catalogue of cowardice, snitching on every one he ever did business with to save his own skin.

See Exhibit 1 for what the Police officer who investigated the matter for which Risdon turned supergrass has to say about Risdon’s motivations.

See Exhibits 2 and 3 for what his own business partner has to say about the matter and about Peter Risdon’s history of petty criminality.

Look at his latest success stories in Exhibits 50 and 51. As I say, see for yourself.

Also, look at Exhibit 52. There he is challenged several times by bloggers to meet Guppy. They even offer to pay for his air fare! Risdon’s response? You’ve guessed it – to run for cover. He even writes that he’s reporting all the posts that are revealing his past to the police! If he’s so brave, then why doesn’t he take up the challenge? He could get in touch with Guppy within minutes if he wanted to. As I say, don’t take my word for it. Look at the evidence for yourself.

Finally, visit Peter Risdon’s own website:

I’m sure you’ll agree. Sad. Tragic in fact. And such stupid arguments. Not quite gamma. But real beta double minus.

You’re right to keep away from the man.

Boris said...

andythemonk (Darius Guppy)

Fuck off back to you beloved rapist Ahmadienjad, but dont leave your wife unattended for too long

Robert Head said...

Bless you for putting this up. It looks like some of these morons don't have a handle on civilised discourse. I haven't been following the protests since they initially started around a month ago. Would you fill me in or recommend some good news outlets?

andythemonk said...

Poor Peter Risdon ...

Bitter, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Poor AndytheMonk (Darius Guppy) a tosser whose best friend shagged his wife while he was n prison and now he backs teh rapist Ahmadienjad, what a desperate looooooooooooooooooooooser!

andythemonk said...

Told you he was bitter.

You can imagine how little sting being called a 'loser' by Risdon, of all people, must have.

A visit to confirms that few people are more deserving of that particular label than Peter Risdon himself. A man who fantasised about founding an international criminal network based in Greece but who resorted to stealing his associates' computers before branching out into selling chickens. (See his business partner's affidavit in the above site, Exhibits 2 and 3).

You don't need to be a genius to work out why he's suddenly become anonymous either. See Exhibit 53 where he is sued by Guppy for libel and loses.

You may be a secularist Azarmehr but you are also an Iranian and every Iranian I have ever met, whatever his or her opinion, would disapprove of libelling a man's wife just because he's too frightened to face the man himself.

Risdon is referring to an article that can be read at:

I'm sure you'll agree: to defame a woman anonymously, from thousands of miles away, safe behind his PC and protected by his police handlers (Risdon is a registered police informant): hardly an example of 'javanmardi' is it?

So here's a challenge to him: repeat the allegations in his own name and let's see what happens.

Better still, let him visit Guppy as he was challenged to do on so many occasions. See Exhibit 52 where some bloggers even try to arrange a meeting closer to home and to pay for his airfare, somewhere in Europe, on neutral territory, away from the protection of his police handlers.

And if he's too frightened even to do that, then let Risdon the Brave at least repeat his allegations to Guppy's wife's face.

Remember, this is a man who ran round his offices screaming from a colleague half his size. And for an example of a humiliating and rather amusing loss of sphincter control see Exhibits 8, 9 and 10. There he has just been arrested trying to imitate Guppy and Marsh's sting, red handed in a bank with a false passport trying to retrieve a heavily insured diamond. Within no time he provides the names and addresses of his work colleagues.

Remember too that this is a man who regularly posts comments to himself on his website using female aliases in which he writes things such as: "you're so brave, Peter!"

If ever proof were needed that Guppy (and indeed everyone who has ever worked with Risdon) was absolutely correct in their assessment of his character, here we have it.

Risdon also writes above about people lying. The nobodylikesagrass website provides irrefutable evidence of Risdon lying over and over again and in the most stupid of ways. Take for example Exhibit 48. Here Risdon writes to The Daily Express and states that he turned Guppy over to the police as the result of a crisis of conscience only one month after acting as the gunman in his sting. Exhibits 1 to 45 show how in fact he never went to the police at all! They went to him when they caught him red handed trying to commit an insurance fraud a full year after Guppy and Marsh's sting and he sung like a canary to save his own skin.

He must have known the evidence was out there so why did he lie in such a stupid manner? Not very bright.

I imagine Guppy and Marsh chuckling to themselves as they see what Risdon has made of himself: a destiny predicted by one of his own police handlers.

Exposed as a supergrass, a coward and an imbecile, a reject having to write to himself on his own blog because nobody else will speak to him.

Poor Peter Risdon. And all he ever wanted was to be accepted. To be so eaten up and so obsessed, especially with someone of the same sex. It must be terrible for him.

Still, he shouldn't despair.

Has he thought of obtaining professional help? (Just a suggestion).