Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fath-ol-mobin, Codename for Rape Operations in Iran's Prisons

Following the courageous letter by Mehdi Karroubi, exposing the horrors of systematic rape of post-election detainees in Iran, there have been several calls by the 'representatives of God on earth' to put Karrubi on trial.

Babak Daad, is an Iranian journalist and blogger who is now on the run and in hiding. Here is what he says in his shocking interview about what is going on in Iran's prisons and how the lackeys of the coup d'etat are ordered to break down the youth of Iran.

'Its one thing hearing about a news and another thing when you see it first hand for yourself and
realise the full horror of what has taken place. You can hear about an accident on the news but unless you witness the accident close by you do not appreciate the reality of blood. The case of rapes in Iran's prisons for those who read or hear about is a news item, but I saw an 18 year old boy, whose father described him as a piece of flesh with no soul, his name is Mehdi and I hope soon the perpetrators who inflicted this crime on this young boy will be tried in an international court and of course those who ordered these crimes to be carried out should be tried too, those who gave the orders to uproot the spirit and the hopes of Iran's justice seeking young generation.

Mr Karroubi courageously investigated these reports and 15 days ago he wrote a letter about what was taking place and handed it to Hashemi Rafsanjani. He waited 10 days for Hashemi Rafsanjani to show some reaction, and as he had said if within 10 days there was no reply from Rafsanjani he would make it public. So both Mr. Karroubi and Rafsanjani have known about what was taking place for a while now.
These reports are not few now and yet there are still more that are not coming out because of fear and the cultural stigma that these people face, yet the young people who have suffered these abuses, these victims should hold their heads up high and proudly consider themselves as the victims of the path of freedom for this country and those who have suffered this tragedy bear the same honour as the martyrs of this epic green movement.

What they were doing at Kahrizak, was they would choose the spirited detainees who were resisting them and by raping them they wanted to break them from pursuing justice and freedom, they wanted to break them so bad that these youngsters would become depressed and even hate themselves.

The code name for these rapes was Fath-ol-Mobin [Illuminating Conquest - also code name for an offensive against Iraq in 1982], look how far they are prepared go with staining the faith and the sanctities of our people and how they use religion as a tool for the repression of people in order to maintain their illegitimate hold on power... A young 18 year old boy purely because he took part in the peaceful silent march on 15th June and wore a green wrist band is attacked, arrested and suffers two weeks of ongoing sexual rape in Kahrizak and is then taken to another prison where he is allowed to slightly recover before he is handed back to his father, I am sorry I have to mention these things but its no longer appropriate to remain silent, he suffers severe rectal and colon laceration, his infection was so bad that they couldn't keep him any longer, this 18 year old was also forced to witness other detainees being raped, he could hear a law enforcement officer, [whom we can identify and hopefully one day bring him to trial] shout 'take these lot and make them pregnant, so they know whats what'

Tens of detainees have reported many Arab prison guards with Lebanese accents were amongst the rapists. And I am sorry to have to say this but I want the families to hear this so their resolve and not their fear increases, Mehdi in the first instance could not believe a stocky foul mouthed guard is getting ready to rape him, when they beat him and forced him naked, he pleaded with them 'for the sake of Imam Mehdi, I am the same name sake as our hidden Imam, please don't do this with me', the interrogator even insults Imam Mehdi as he holds down the trembling 18 year old Mehdi and tells the stocky guard, 'He had come to take back his vote, now give him his vote back so that he never forgets'

In two weeks, this teenager is raped 20 times, he suffers rectal and colon infection and after taking him to another prison for a week, what they give back to his father is a live corpse with a soul less look, he is released only under the condition that he must say he was treated well while he was detained and he has no right to complain. Now they say the allegations have to be proven. The very same people who completely rigged the election and ignored all the evidence presented to them expect people who have been raped to present their evidence to them, but I have picture and film evidence of one case and I am sure even this one case is enough to prove what has been going on with these detainees.

So there you have it, Ahmadinejad's lackeys rape Iran's detainees, boys and girls, to break their spirit. The evidence is now piling up from all directions. How will the European democracies ever justify recognising a regime that systematically rapes boys and girls arrested during peaceful demonstrations? Why are the European useful idiots not marching in the streets in the same way they did for Gunatanamo and Abu Ghoreib?

And what are the Galloways, Yvone Ridleys and the SWP oinks going to say now? That the rapists were justified becasue they were working class kids who were raping 'rich North Tehran kids'?

And I remember how Channel 4 gave air time to Ahmadinejad for an alternative Christmas message and how Channel 4 news presenter, Krishna, with a smile on his face told me 'but they are being quite restrained on people, I mean they are not firing on people.....' while Baroness Haleh Afshar approvingly nodded her head and smiled in their York studio and kept faith in the 'proper legal process' that she believed existed in Iran.


Iman Samizadeh said...

It is obvious that rape under Islamic fundamentalist regime is a normal act for justice! According to Islamic lay the killing of a virgin woman is prohibited therefore they have raped many of young women in prison before their execution. Needless to say women prisoners are not the only victims of rape also many male prisoners have been raped either by interrogators or tortured with tools like bottle.

However what we see and hear these days is horrifying and I believe many people in Iran have been disgusted by what's happened.

Azarmehr said...


I searched the Koran and I found nothing about Virgin girls going to paradise. Do you have the reference?

Arash said...

Potkin: Good on you for telling it like it is.

Haleh Afshar is suddenly feeling concern for the plight of the "80% of Iranians who's views were not reflected" yet the CASMII website states that it is indeed possible that Ahmadinejad won?!


Anonymous said...

I am speechless. Dont know what to say...


Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, I read your blog daily and so much appreciate your keeping news of Iran in the forefront.

As horrifying and disgusting the news out of these prisons gets, it is absolutely vital that these heartbreaking stories get out there. It seems that the terrorist IRI is able to get away with anything... for now.

My heart breaks as kids that are the same age as my own are beaten, raped, humiliated and even killed. This regime must go and those who have perpetrated these acts must be punished completely.

Again, thanks for your blog and all that you do to take the mask of off these sick individuals.

Maggie said...

I am back from my holiday and I continue to keep my own silent protest alive.

I promise that I will be coming back to your site and then seeing what I can do to promote the fact that these crimes are against humanity.

I might be a conservative in my values but it is now time to become more active since the others will not listen.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent, God Bless You Azarmehr your great. You should be blessed and hopefully yes as all of us wish iran will be freed carry on with this excellence you should be proud of yourself.

Jack Baurtholomew

Iman Samizadeh said...


I don't reference it to Koran, but according the Iranians Sharia masters that execution cannot be done if the woman is virgin.

“ Since there is a theological belief that if a woman dies a virgin she will go to heaven, the politically active virgin is forced to "marry" before her execution and thus to insure she will go to hell. She is forced to "marry" the hangman who will carry out her execution.. This marriage is conducted as a legitimate and official contract which includes, among other things, an estimated dowry. This "dowry" is subsequently paid to the family of the victim; it simultaneously becomes the equivalent of an official notification that she was executed.”

The Prison in Iran's Islamic Republic:

Interview With Iranian Basij:

Sohrab said...

I wonder if -- once the IRI is deposed, of course -- the Iranian people can even bear to establish truth and reconciliation commissions, a la South Africa to deal with the injustices committed by this monstrous regime. If they can, then the Baroness Afshars of this world too should be called to answer for their crimes of misinformation and obfuscation.

Anonymous said...


Winston said...

good reporting!

saggezard said...

Sohrab Jan, I have believed once inevitably IRI is removed all its members must be hunted down as Nazis were hunted and brought to justice. So perhaps, a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation commission.

Mehrtash said...


what you have posted may reflect the attitudes of the IRI govt. and what the Basiji have been led to believe.

Let me reassure you and all readers, under Islamic law (shari'a) no such rule exists; I studied it before and as part of my masters degree.

These monsters are getting away with crimes that are worse than murder. My cheeks burned as they were cooled by the rolling tears as I read the basij interview, accounting on the rape of virgins on the eve of their execution...

Something has to be done, and I am working on it.

Hidden Author said...

This news is terrible. But what can the USA do to defang these monsters? And what if Europe and China don't cooperate?

Julia said...

As I said earlier on similar occasions, I am extremely grateful for every piece of news on this issue that is translated to English, thus becoming accessible for more people so that those who KNOW outnumber those who try to hush it up. Thank you everyone who contributes to this. I really wish the victims of those incidents will recover, rise their heads and see that nobody in the entire world is looking down on them - on the contrary.

SZ said...

This blog is a joke, Pol Pot is a joke, Iranians like him, that curse our country, our government because they don't agree with it are TRAITORS!

People like saggezard, winston, azarmehr, are all traitors to their country, there is a reason why they live abroad and not in Iran, because they would be skinned if they lived in Iran.

Winston said...

And I know who SZ is. He wrote me a few days ago boasting about his pro-Ahmadinejad article on an obscure Jordanian website. What a creep!

Winston said...

Saggezard, I propose that once the regime is removed we should let these freaks walk freely in the streets of Iranian cities and watch how ordinary people can take care of them.

SZ said...

Pol Pot,

I challenge you to answer the following questions regarding Iran. Let's get things out in the open and have an honest conversation about Iran.

1. Where do you stand on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

2. Where do you stand on Israeli-Arab relations regarding the Palestinians.

3. Where do you stand on Iran-US relations

4. Where do you stand on the US war of aggression in Iran.

Those are four very simple questions. Based on your postings, something tells me you don't support Iran, or Arabs on any of those issues. You are pretty much a western stooge. Let's debate, answer those questions, and I will answer them as well.

Azarmehr said...

Sassy Zer zeroo

1. Where do you stand on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

As I am not an expert on this issue, I have never written about it. My gut feeling is that I dont trust the mullahs with this technology. I dont trust them with a gold fish let alone nuclear tech.
I think we have plenty of other resources we can rely on. Its for independent Iranian experts to decide this though. Instinctively I am against nuclear weapons and nuclear energy every where.

2. Where do you stand on Israeli-Arab relations regarding the Palestinians.

This is their affair. We have no national interest to get involved in this dispute.

3. Where do you stand on Iran-US relations

Iran should have normal relationships with all countries including US. You are such a hypocrite you do business half the year with them.

4. Where do you stand on the US war of aggression in Iran.

WHere? When? Even when Bush was going on about axis of evil, his deputy's firm Haliburton was winning contracts in Iran. I am more concerned about Russian war of aggression on Iran. What we lost in teh Caspian see and Russia's long lasting wish to reach warm waters. Russia is our historic enemy. But an idiot like you just doesnt see this.

Mehrtash said...


What has the Nuclear issue in Iran, IRI/US relations, and USA 'aggression' got to do with the gross violations of human rights that occur across the board in Iran?

What relevance do your points bear on women being raped before their execution by the officials? This was also documented by the UN special rapporteur, so it is not hearsay lies.

What relevance do your points bear on the annihilation of the freedom after expression and the clamp-down on political dissidence in Iran?

It is not too late for you to realise and fight for the truth, rather than follow the regime's rhetoric on the 'western infidels'...

Amir said...

SZ - When Iran becomes a secular democratic state you can start your own party - I'll even suggest a name - Hezb e Khar - and encourage you to spew more of your stupidity. I like you because you are stupid. And stupid people are transparent. Just like your beloved Ahmadinejad, your Supreme leader and the rest of dehatis in power everyone sees what you are really about. Strange you should call Potikin 'POL POT' when its your supreme leader and gov't that are killing the innocent people, subjecting them to torture, rape & sodomy.

Anonymous said...

Extremely sad! How can they call themselves religious? Curse on these horrible sadists. May they burn in everlasting hell. I pray for Mehdi and all the other innocent people of Iran. May you all be freed from this tyrannical regime soon. God bless all of you and keep you safe.

saggezard said...

To SZ,
Mehrtash answers all your questions but here are my answers to your itemization just to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

1. Where do you stand on the Iranian Nuclear Issue:
Islamic Republic has as much right, need and capacity for nuclear technology as Charles Manson does.

2. Where do you stand on Israeli-Arab relations regarding the Palestinians:
Has got nothing to do with Islamic republic.

3. Where do you stand on Iran-US relations:
It is nonexistent currently, and there should not be any US relations with the Islamic republic

4. Where do you stand on the US war of aggression in Iran:
Your questions all have prejudiced flaws but this one takes the cake. There is no aggression going on, the mock trials are the only evidence of aggression by the US. Are you seriously saying that the millions on Iran's streets were part of a US plot?

SZ said...

1. Where do you stand on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

So you don't trust our country with the technology to provide energy via a nuclear way. Needless to say, I am against this view. It is our right as a people to have any new technologies we wish, without western interference.

2. Where do you stand on Israeli-Arab relations regarding the Palestinians.

We have a big national interest in this issue. A stable Palestinian state can be a partner in trade, and information. Also, a stable palestinian state also allows us to develop the Palestinian state and give them a better life. Its funny, you want the US to support Iran to give us a "freedom", but at the same time you don't want Iran to help other nations because it doesnt suit us.

3. Where do you stand on Iran-US relations

Iran should have normal relationships with all countries including US. You are such a hypocrite you do business half the year with them.

I agree, Iran should have relations with every country, but in order for that to include Israel, they have to withdraw to the 1967 borders and stop occupying arab lands. Also, why was it that the US cut off relations after 1979? Interesting, you want Iran to have relations with every country, but you don't demand that of others vis a vis iran.

4. Where do you stand on the US war of aggression in Iran.

WHere? When? Even when Bush was going on about axis of evil, his deputy's firm Haliburton was winning contracts in Iran. I am more concerned about Russian war of aggression on Iran. What we lost in teh Caspian see and Russia's long lasting wish to reach warm waters. Russia is our historic enemy. But an idiot like you just doesnt see this.

Russian can be out historic enemy, but that wasn't the questions. Personally, I think the Russians are more trustworthy than the silly americans and their weak allies who bow to russia at every turn.

To Mehrtash,

Who cares about the human rights violations when compared to the interests of Iran on a bigger scale? Hell, every country in the world has at one time or another committed some sort of human rights violations. You make it seem as if the country you live in has clean hands, and that gives you the right to judge others. Those who have not sinned, may cast the first stone, and I think you have already sinned. So stop judging people. We know you don't like the Iranian government, so either way, you will curse them. good or bad.

To Amir,

You are an idiot. Iran will never become a secular democracy because its not in our interest. The government we have now was brought in by the PEOPLE. why is that so hard to understand. The people in our country support this government. Hell, we don't want to be like the west. Maybe you would, but that's why you don't live in Iran. you are in the minority.

and as far as the political party goes, fuck you. you should start a party in whatever country you live in, let's see how many votes you garner. You are a stooge, and an idiot who has fallen for the western ideology. At the same time, you have betrayed your people.


stop fucking lying, i never wrote you, and I never have linked to a Jordanian article. Stop fucking lying you piece of shit. Reveal your real name, and like Pol Pot says, post a picture of yourself on your blog, otherwise you are timid! hahah..fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

So you don't trust our country with the technology to provide energy via a nuclear way. Needless to say, I am against this view. It is our right as a people to have any new technologies we wish, without western interference.
But of course, you can have a nuclear technology but not from the West.
You want the technology then do it yourself from the scratch and do not rely on western businesses to sell it to you or do not try to steal it like Dr. Khan of Pakistan.
You do not want western interference so why do you want to buy nuclear technology and nuclear components from western interfering countries?

Anonymous said...

You do not want western interference so why do you want to buy nuclear technology and nuclear components from western interfering countries?

Because western interfering countries sell it to us. Get a clue.

Mehrtash6 said...


I like your challenges.

First off, someone who comment "who cares about human rights violations" has serious priority issues in life.

The human rights to be free from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, arbitrary detention, detention incommunicado; and the rights to freedom of expression and to hold a different view to that of the current government; and the right to gender equality are inalienable. These rights set the precepts of society, be it in any country. These are superior rights, that take primacy over the right to nuclear energy, or the right to trade!

"Those who have not sinned, may cast the first stone" - So the executioners in Iran, the rapist of the detainees, the sentencing judges, the torturing officials, the basiji who shot Neda and the likes - tell me, were they free from sin when they cast their stones?? They are greater wrong-doers than me or anyone else on this forum; yet you have the audacity to argue in favour of such a despotic regime?! The very same regime that endorsed these heinous violations of human rights! They are not without sin and they cast their stones on the innocent. Shame on you!

SZ said...

Once again Mehrtash, go cry me a river.

And its interesting that you say Neda got shot by do you know that? Where is the evidence?

Iranians have more freedom than anyone else in the Middle East. Its funny because I don't see you rise up for the Arabs in Saudi, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait or any other country who is despotic and has an UNELECTED form of government. but you have a beef with Iran. Talk about hypocrisy.

Also, I never said that human rights arent the basis for any society, but during times of struggle, there is bloodshed. Thats natural and expected. I am sure you wear silk gloves and don't ever condone shedding blood, unless its done by the United States against other countries who don't agree with them. Like I said, grow a pair, and stand up for everyone equally.

Also, Anon.....Iran is doing it by itself, we are enriching uranium, and we have not stopped. Also, we didnt steal anything from anyone, if they choose to sell to us, then so be it. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

So SZ, America is so bad, what are you doing in Tenessee?

Nader said...

SZ pofyooz e chakmeh lis, in ham akse ghatele neda, tokhme sage haroomzadeh

har chi zoodtar iran az daste madar khataahayi mesle tow rahat besheh behtare

SZ said...


What the hell are you talking about? Some guy on a dissident site says he saw some guy shoot this girl?

Are you serious? this is the proof you present us with? Better to keep it to yourself you idiot. Also, speak ENGLISH, this is a ENGLISH language blog you blithering idiot.

And anon, who the hell ever said I live in Tennessee??

Anonymous said...

You call everybody here a joke, but are you really that stupid or not fast enough to understand your own bad jokes????? Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound, when you say that there's no evidence about the killing of Neda by your loving Basijis??? or whatever they call them ,such as " lebas shakhsiha"???
Please don't tell me that all those youtubefilms, about the shooting people from the roofs were made in Hollywood by Steven Spielberg and not in the streets of Tehran. :)


Mehrtash said...

I do not have beef with Iran; I have 'beef' with the regime in Iran. There is a very big difference - the current regime in Iran is not Iran; it is not the true culture of Iran; it is not the true legacy of Iran and her heritage.

Yes, there are human rights violations in other parts of the Middle East; however, I am British born Iranian, my paramount concern is with Iran at the moment. One step at a time, my friend.

I never said I condone the use of force demonstrated by the US. Furthermore, I agree, that there is bloodshed during times of struggle; however, there has been disproportionate bloodshed during the last thirty years, and the bloodshed recently is also disproportionate with the level of the threat created by the protests. Since you're so in favour of evidence, present us with the evidence that the protestors shot dead in the streets of Iran were guilty of some violent and threatening behaviour that warranted such use of force.

Sohrab said...

When will this dingleberry* Sasan/SZ go away?

*FYI: "Dingleberry" = A delinquent partial turd which grasps anal shrubery causing brownish crust to accumulate in ones boxers.

As in: "My wife tells me that I need to wipe my ass better because my dingleberries are making my underware a nasty mess, however I like the idea of her down in the basement doing laundry and cleaning up my foul nasty underware."

(Source: Urban Dictionary)

Nader said...


Khafeh sho, kos keshe khaaye maal, madar beh khattaye lajan

in ham ghatele neda:

too hamin Tennessee pedaret ro dar miaram keh digeh iran az vojoode gohayi mesle tow pak besheh badbakhte tarsoo

Amir said...

SZ - No you are the idiot! You have no right to speak on behalf on the Iranian people when your mafia leaders steal their votes. This sham government was not brought in by the people. People made a mistake in 1979 and they've all been paying for it ever since. This population is not the same as the one 30 years ago and their hopes and dreams are different - they want freedom of choice (means freely electing leaders not picked by one man), they want jobs, they want security, they want to be able to travel freely, they want to enjoy their lives and not feel paralized by a bunch of moron morality police everytime they step into the streets. They want freedom of religion. Not every citizen in our country is muslim.

Our country is losing in every way possible thanks to your shitty regime from the economy to the loss of our brightest minds - those who escape the country to those that are imprisoned and killed.

The reason I don't live in Iran is because that choice was taken away from me by YOUR regime. I did nothing wrong! I was only a kid when we were forced out but I could never go back because of this 'hokm' that looms. Members of my family have given their lives for Iran and others have been murdered at the hands of your regime - you & your regime betray Iranians. Not me.

All I want is for the people in Iran to have THE CHOICE to elect the people they think will govern the country for the better. All I want is for people in Iran not to be tortured for their freedom of thought. All I want is people to practise their faith without fear of persecution. I want journalists in Iran to be able to criticise policies without fear of being arrested or having their newspapers closed down. Above all I want Iran to prosper and at the same time help its poor - those who suffer because dirty corrupt akhoonds keep stealing all the money from our resources. I want there to be proper medical care for those that can't afford it. These are the things I want for Iran and these are things that the Islamic regime HAS NOT provided for the people. This is why the people are fed up. You know its true but you are just like the akhoonds and your interest in this regime is only because you are taking their money. You put money before lives and trade before people. You don't want Iran to prosper - you have no interest in the welfare of Iranians. It is you and your ugly Islamic regime that is destroying our country.

Change will come and it will come soon.

SZ said...

Let's disect your argument here.......

I have no right to speak on behalf of Iranians but you do? I live in Iran, I was born in Iran. All my family lives in Iran. What the hell are you talking about i have no right to speak? And please prove that there was "stolen" votes. Our president won by 11 million votes!! even if you wanted to cheat that many votes you couldn't do it.

You say its a sham not brought in by the people, then you say the people made a mistake? Which is it? The truth is, just because you don't agree with what our country did in 1979 doesn't mean its not right. We changed the regime because the Shah was a evil ruler. This current government is the will of the people, like it or not. We don't care what some Iranian in the UK says, it doesn't affect our lives.

People in Iran do travel freely, in fact I travel for my job to the US and back all the time. We have elections, unlike your loyal US and UK allies in the Middle East. Like I said, you have never been in Iran, and you don't know what Iran is like, we are a normal country like anywhere else in the west, we just don't have a system like you do. Women vote, drive, have all the rights men do, there are different religions in culture. There are minorities in parliament. There is a CHURCH close to my house in Tehran. Unlike your allies, we actually have freedom of religion.

You left because your parents supported the Shah, and left. that's not my problem. Nobody forced my family to leave, I was a kid to. Nobody forced my uncles and aunts to leave. I even visited the US on vacation for 2 months last year and work there 6 months out of the year. Nobody has forced me to do anything. So instead of lying, just admit that your family left because they didn't support the revolution. There is nothing wrong with that, its their choice, but don't come here and lie.

People aren't persecuted because of their faith. We have minorities in parliament, we have women in office, we have newspapers all over the country, we even have unions who strike when they want to. We are more free than any nation you consider friends of the UK. Stop with the lies. seriously, they are talking points you have learned from your parents. If you've never been to Iran, stop lying about MY country.

You know its funny when you say stuff like that. Under the Shah, Iran had a lower per capita GDP than now. We actually have less poverty than before. We have more distribution of income. We have poor people like everyone does, sure, but at least we DONT steal from them. Our country is under constant sanctions from governments that don't want us to be free and independent. IF you want us to improve the lives of the people here at home, why don't you support the stopping of sanctions, or the constant threats of attacks from the west? that would be a good start instead of criticizing Iran without cause.

Hahahahahahah.... The people are fed up??? Really, the protests were among the middle upper class in Tehran, and there were maybe 400k people during the protests... we are a country of 70 MILLION! hahahaha..yes, the people are fed up. idiot. And unless you have proof, don't make up shit. I don't take anyone's money, I work hard, and earn a good living. There is nothing illegal about that. I want iran to prosper, that is why i have turned down many offers to live in the US just so I can stay close to my roots and family and help improve our nation. you are a traitor who curses us from abroad. What have you done to improve our nation? Our Islamic Regime is exactly why I can post on blogs, create my own, and live in Iran and travel outside of Iran. Like I said, your family left, thats not my problem, they made their choices.

Change will never come, this government has the support of the people, and always will because we are an Islamic Nation.

Mehrtash6 said...

Beautifully worded, Amir.

Julia said...

@SZ: I appreciate that you explained your view, although I might not like to hear some of it. But my appreciation is sincere, since we have to listen

I found the following article very, very interesting, and it is more fit to respond to your comment than I could ever be.

Amir said...

Mehrtash - thank you.

SZ - what a pathetic attempt to discredit me.

"Please prove there were stolen votes" "Even if you wanted to cheat that many votes you couldn't do it?" - you must either work for Press TV or hang off their every word to come out with a statement like that considering the evidence that is present throughout the internet and that was handed over by Mousavi & Karoubi. It isn't as clear cut as me showing you one piece of paper to say here's your proof. Stop being an idiot and hiding behind these vacuous questions and statements. Every intelligent person can see the election was stolen. Let me ask you a question, if your regime was so confident by its victory why did they so vehemently disallow a re-vote? Were they scared they couldn't pull off another rigged election because more people would be scrutinising them?

"You say its a sham not brought in by the people, then you say the people made a mistake? Which is it? " Don't try and trip up my arguement by omitting the fact I said people made a mistake in 1979. My reference to the sham gov't is in reference to this recent stolen election. You are correct though, I don't like what happend in 1979, but neither do many many people in Iran. The results of the revolution are not what people had hoped for when they demonstrated against the Shah. They didn't expect the mass executions, the torture, the daily oppression or the high cost of living. "We don't care what some Iranian in the UK says, it doesn't affect our lives." - clearly you do & the truth offends you.

"We have elections unlike your loyal US and UK allies" - how many times do you have to be told? This is about IRAN not Saudi or any other country. You refer to a "system" late in your paragraph and I'm not sure if you mean the electoral system. However, your elections are far from free, fair or democratic. A democratic election doesn't mean there should be pre-vetted and selected candidates. It's a fundemental rule of democracy that anyone can be allowed to stand for election regardless of their politcs but you're all too involved in your 'system' of oppression to take it into consideration. "Women vote,drive, have all the rights men do" - really? What happens in Iran when a woman wants a divorce? Don't even try to point at the recent cabinet nominations (if they are approved by the males) - these three women will cause more damage to whatever small rights a woman has already. They are not good examples of forward thinking women who wish to improve the plight of their fellow gender. Their political history and policies show that. With regards to religions and minorities, having to HIDE your faith and your temples and churches isn't freedom of religion. How many synagogues are openly on display in Iran? (please don't accuse me of being a zionist for mentioning synagogues) And what about the persecution of the Bahai's - is that freedom of religion?


Amir said...

And then you turn to my personal circumstances and assume that the reason my family left was because they supported the Shah. Well, its typical of a regime supporter like you to assume such things. My family were land owners passed down through generations of farming. My family were builing a small town on the land they owned. As the revolution happend they were warned that because we had a large amount of land attention would be drawn to us and that our situation would be in peril precisely because of the lame assumptions you make now. As it turned out, that warning became reality and the majority of our property was stolen by your regime under the guise of "confiscation". The judgement or "hokm" that was made in a sham trial against our family in absentia accused us of a direct relationship with the Shah which was untrue and thereafter sentenced many elders of my family to 'death' or long prison sentences (and we all know that Iranian prisons are execution & torture centres). We couldn't defend ourselves because at that time anyone with a large amount of money or land was deemed to be guilty regardless of any defence! So you tell me what CHOICE I had! All we were guilty of was owning land upon which the elders of my family were entreprenurial enough to think of building properties on. My family were never direct supporters of the Shah, infact going back in history the Shah's father had imprisoned my great great grandfather. Our family has always been in favour of secular democracy as I am today. Infact one my uncles in exile was assassinated by this regime for doing just that - fighting for a secular democracy in Iran.

And now to your point about newspapers and unions who strike when they want to. Yes you have many newspapers but they all tow the government line and as soon as one says something authorities don't like they get shut down. Don't try and defend freedom of press in Iran - Iran has the highest number of journalist jailings anywhere in the world. Further to this the most recent example of your freedom of press was Karoubi's newspaper being shut down when he made public the truth about protestors male and female being raped in the prisons. And let's be honest with the world with what happens to union memebers when they go on strike in Iran. They get arrested and so do their union leaders. Your bullshit propoganda truly is outstanding and you tell me I'm lying? "If you've never been to Iran, stop lying about MY country" Fuck you, Iran is as much my country as it is yours and I'm going to fight for the rights of my fellow Iranians to the best of my abilites and part of that means answering every piece of shit lie that you come out with.

Amir said...

And then you start to talk about the economy and quote nonsense about lower GDP in Shah's rule. In thirty years Iran's economy hasn't progressed well. What about the high rate of inflation that has been a curse of the economy for at least the past 20 years, or the over dependence of oil and its affect on Iran when we have a struggling world economy. Where are the reserves to rely on? The regime didn't hold anything in reserve. Their answer to any financial problem has always been short term borrowing. This is why you don't put clerics in charge of an economy!! What will happen now? Higher taxes for people already barely managing in their daily lives? You say Iran has poor like many other countries. Iran shouldn't have over a fifth of its population below the poverty line and upto 30 percent unemployed. This shouldn't be the case when our nation is so rich in natural resources - the regime should have used some of the income from these resources to invest in creating other industries and provide a welfare system capable of looking after those that can't look after themselves. Didn't Khomeini once say "Don't only be content that we will build houses; we will provide water and electricity free of charge; we will make the use of public buses free of charge," - what happend? Where are the results of the promises to Iranian people? Where are the wage increases Ahmadinejad offered civil servants in the run up to the election? And then you go on to say "We have poor people like everyone does, sure, but at least we DONT steal from them." Really? You don't steal from them? Explain then how Rafsanjani as one example, goes from a nobody akhoond to possibly one of the richest men in the world?? Shall I tell you...? Because he STOLE from the Iranian people. How? When all the privatized companies were being re-nationalized they made them all into Bonyads which didn't have to pay taxes and had no accounting transparency. So they siphoned off millions upon millions. His son is the head of the National Oil company! I am sure there are many more qualified Iranians than Rafsanjani's son to be heading the national oil company don't you? He's just one example of hundreds of these akhoonds and their associates that have been pillaging our country for years. Regarding sanctions - if this regime wasn't in power there wouldn't be any sanctions and for your information I am not criticising Iran - I am criticising the Islamic Regime of Iran. I love OUR country.


Amir said...

"Really, the protests were among the middle upper class in Tehran, and there were maybe 400k people during the protests... we are a country of 70 MILLION! hahahaha..yes, the people are fed up. idiot. And unless you have proof, don't make up shit." You've either been asleep or you see any other news channels other than Press TV. Aside from the near one million that marched in the Tehran streets, what about the people in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashad and other cities that protested. Despite your regime's feeble attempt at censoring the news of your brutalities there are videos of all these protests on youtube. Try searching you might be surprised to see what your patriotic basij militia do to their own people that they love so much. I don't know you personally so I can't say whether you work hard or not or if you are 'on the take', and I'm glad to know you want Iran to prosper. But do it for the right reasons. Don't support a regime that is so barbaric and sadistic to its own people. You are obviously a devout muslim and I want nothing more than for you to practice your faith but don't mix your faith with the politics of the nation. Embrace other religions - don't be scared of them and don't force them to hide.
You call me a traitor from abroad? All I have every wanted is a better life for Iranians. How am I traitor? I haven't imprisioned, tortured or raped any of my fellow country men and women? How am I a traitor? I haven't murdered anyone that speaks against me! How am I traitor? I want a welfare system for Iran, a better economy, better trading relations? How am I a traitor?

Take a look at this regime for what it really is. You say "Our Islamic Regime is exactly why I can post on blogs, create my own, and live in Iran" I'm sorry SZ, you can post on blogs because you speak in favour of the regime. Where are all the bloggers that speak against the regime? I'll tell...take a look in Evin and Kahrizak and other torture centres...that's the true nature of the Islamic Regime. Oppression, terror, fear, theft and injustice. These are the words that describe the Islamic Regime.

Whether you like it or not this regime will change - be it a bloody revolution or a velvet revolution. The seeds of change have been sown with this fraudulent election. Your supreme leader fertilized and watered these seeds when he chose to unleash a barrage of terror against the Iranian nation and refused to call for a re-vote. You're all to blame for your own problems.

Change is coming - face it & embrace it!

Stuart Lewis said...

Sasan Z the pimp,

How on earth do you justify the rape of your countrymen you sick moron?

SZ said...


I can't believe people like you still even exist! Lets again disect your argument.

First off, I don't work for presstv you blithering idiot. Its like me saying you must work for western media just because I don't agree with you on some issues. You say that evidence was provided on the INTERNET that the elections were a sham? Seriously? Mousavi provided NO proof that the votes were rigged. you can sit there and bitch and moan that there was cheating, or you can own up to the fact that your guy lost and just prepare for the next election.

"Let me ask you a question, if your regime was so confident by its victory why did they so vehemently disallow a re-vote? Were they scared they couldn't pull off another rigged election because more people would be scrutinising them?"

Re-election? you're joking right, NO country that has any sort of democracy has agreed to a re-vote EVER. When Bush and Gore ran against each other in 2000, did Gore ask for a re-election because there was alleged fraud in Florida? If the government allows each and every candidate to ask for a complete re-election, there would be chaose. Re-count, yes, re-election NO. Your argument about re-election has no precedent and would disenfranchise those who voted for Ahmadinejad to begin with.

You say the people made a mistake in 1979, that is YOUR opinion. NOT others. Don't assume everyone in Iran thinks it was a mistake. And for the last time, the elections according to the ruling bodies of Iranian government, and according to every legal pathway taken were fair. You cannot say that just because dissidents all over the world say its stolen, that it was actually stolen! There has been no DEFINITIVE proof of this.

You say the truth offends me? not at all, the truth is that people like you and other dissidents want to overthrow a government in Iran just because you don't like it. You don't take into account all the people who live in Iran and actually support the government. You mention that there was nearly a million people that demonstrated...ok, ill agree to that, but what about the other 69 million? were they all just silent, or do they really not want change like YOU want it. People in Iran don't want a secular western democracy like they have in the UK or even in the United States. You live abroad and have become westernized, you cannot impose your will on us just because you don't agree with this government.

Our elections in Iran are more free than anyone else in the Middle East. You have to look at things in context, you can't compare Iran to the UK, because we will never have that system. The people here don't want that system. Our system works the way WE designed it. I agree that it is not perfect, but then what is? I agree that certain candidates that aren't allowed to run should be, and that women should NOT be forced to wear a hijab, or that Women should get more rights when they divorce. But at the end of the day, I live in Iran and am willing to work to improve my country. You, live abroad and curse the very country you claim to love.

You ignore all other rights women have here, and just mention the divorce factor. And then you tell me I can't mention the women that have been selected to the cabinet of the president? seriously, can you be any more selective. In your opinion, women have to be like YOUR western view of women, but again, that is your personal opinion. Women here have it much better than any other women in the Middle East. And again, you cannot compare Iran to the west, because we are NOT the west. say we have to hide different religions in Iran? really, we have jews that live NEXT door to us in Tehran. We have a CHURCH down the street. People here can worship freely, nobody bothers them. We have jewish members of Parliament. Again, just because our freedom of religion isn't in your western scope, does not mean its wrong or lacking, it just means its different.


SZ said...

"How many synagogues are openly on display in Iran? (please don't accuse me of being a zionist for mentioning synagogues)"

That was your question, here is your answer...

That is a list of all synagogues in Iran. Enjoy. and believe me, they arent all in hiding or underground. So stop with your bs about freedom of religion. Not to mention, Iran is made up of MANY different ethnic minorities, and different religions, they are NOT all in hiding and they arent oppressed. And i won't call you a zionist...why would I? you are Iranian.

Look, your personal circumstances are yours only. You have clarified your background and story, and thats great. Im sorry your land was confiscated, but during the early years of the revolution, many things were done that maybe should not have. Such is life. Im sorry for your family's loss. that is not my concern today, and nor should it be, but it cannot also be a reason for your hatred of our current government.

Again, Iran has many more freedom of press rights than other countries in the region. You have to compare Iran to other muslim countries and not to the west. Again, I agree that not everything is dandy with the press, some things can be better, but again, I am willing to live here and work to better my society, just like many other iranians like me. But being abroad and cursing the regime is not productive.

About your points about unions, my previous statements are in effect. Look, I never said iran was perfect, but no other country is either. We are under constant threat of invasion, sanctions, and many other threats. Its hard not to invest in our military and our influence abroad. Sometimes internal things take a backseat. But thats our business.


SZ said...

Again, iran's economy hasnt progressed as well as it could have because of many different factors. One is the WAR for 8 years in which my uncle, aunt, and father served in.

That war set the country back tremendously. There was also mismanagment, and levels of corruption that have to be rooted out.

But at the same time, the biggest hurdle to economic stability in our country is the fact that the US and Israel and the Europeans constantly threaten attack, promote insurgency, and condone sanctions. We have to put a lot of our resources in fighting that by strengthening our military. And as a side effect, it affects our economy domestically. But at least I can say that everyone here is trying to work hard and maintain our economic and political independence. You can curse our economy and our corruption as much as you want, but you are not under constant sanctions or threats of attack. Such is life.

Instead of cursing our government, why don't you ask your governments to stop sanctioning us just because we want to have nuclear power. Why don't you ask them to stop threatening to invade and attack us just because we don't agree on certain things. That is exactly why the dissidents here in iran are so hated. They don't help us abroad, they just want to bring our government down.

Like I said, you try and give me an economic lesson on how things are in Iran, but you admit you haven't been here to see for yourself. You don't see the progress we are making. You just see the bad, and refuse to see the good that this government has brought us. Under the Shah, we were a client state. And if Iran were to ever become a secular democracy, we would once again be a client state like many others have been and continue to be. No thanks, we will deal with our economic problems at home, without selling our souls to the west. You say you don't criticise Iran, but the government, WRONG, everytime you curse our government, you curse the people that support it. Those 68-69 million people that DID NOT protest, that go to work everyday, live and work in our country and WORK to make it better. People that serve in our Majlis, people that serve in our military, people that serve in our IRGC. They serve not because they hate Iran, or Iranians, NO they serve because they love Iran and Iranians, They just don't want to see it become a client state like it was under the Shah. You want a secular democracy, but you never said you want iran to be independent. And I guarantee you, if Iran ever were to become a secular democracy, we would lose our national identity and become a client state. You look down on the Basiji and Pasdaran now, but those are the very same poeple that fought for IRAN during the war with iraq. Those are the same people who sacrificed to see our country saved, and you curse them because you don't agree with them. So in effect, you are cursing IRAN and everyone who supports our government and lives in our country.

And like I said, Iran will never change. The Islamic Revolution has the support of the people. That is what eats you up at night, but lets face it, at the end of the day, you put your head to sleep in the UK, while I put my head to sleep in my homeland.

Sohrab said...


Please don't exhaust yourself trying to reason with this dingleberry. You need to save your time, intelligence, and writing skills to help build support for the uprising abroad.

Arguing with Sasan the dingleberry is like arguing with a dining room table - to use the phrase Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank used to refer to a 'townhall protester' accusing Obama of being a Nazi for pushing healthcare reform in the US.

SZ said...


nice of you to address the facts.

You must contribute a lot to any discussion about politics and Iran. hahahahaha...seriously, you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Anonymous said...


At least he is not a rapist supporter, you fucking Tennessee 'businessman'/pimp with your Apple Mac

SZ said...


Nice of you to use your name to post on this blog.

And when did I ever say I was in Tennessee you fucking idiot. Where did you come up with that stuff.

If you're not scared, post with your real name. Fucking cunt ass idiot.

Farhad Nayebi said...

khafeh sho Mr. half based in Iran half based in US Businessman, pedaret ro dar miaram, martikeh khayeh mal e bi hameh chiz.

SZ said...

Farhad, Here you go again with your stupid farsi/english posts....

just post in english you reject. Its easier for everyone to read, including myself! hahaha.

And potkin,

I have to commend you on allowing a good conversation on this post. Thank you for not blocking any posts.

Anonymous said...

SZ is not even iranian - he can't read the phonetic farsi posts. He's clearly more concerned about the plight of those in neighboring arab countries.

SZ said...


I can easily read the phonetic farsi posts!

the point is, not everyone else can, posting in english makes it easier to understand for everyone.

And you must be a very brave man, posting as anonymous! haha! fucking loser.

SZ said...

Its funny, Amir never replied to my comments, I guess he has nothing substantive to say...

Oh well...

Anonymous said...


You are not exactly showing who you are by calling yourself SZ. What are you scared of, the rapists and teh murderers are on your side.

SZ said...

um you aren't showing ANYTHING! what are you so scared of?

Its also typical, to accuse someone of being a murderer or rapist when you don't agree with them and can't counter their arguments.

When all else fails, resort to personal attacks. Its funny, people like you are a dime a dozen.

Amir said...

SZ - I haven't had a chance to reply to your comments yet as I have some deadlines to meet - believe me your statement was full of shit yet again - but I will respond as soon as I have time don't worry about that.