Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Swear by the Name of Freedom

Thirty years on this revolutionary anthem still motivates us to fight against evil and continue our nation's 100 year struggle for freedom and liberty.

To the sigh suffocated in blood
To the martyrs who have given their lives
We swear to the very last cry
To the shaking tears of the mothers
Our Martyrs!
We Swear that our path will be the same as yours

All forward! With one voice! With one voice!
Long Live Our Beloved Iran

We will continue your path our martyrs until our last breath
We swear in the name of freedom
To the moment that you sacrificed your life
To the hearts that has been torn apart
To the martyrs who have been wrapped in their blood
Our Martyrs
We swear our path will continue yours

All Forward! All Forward!
With one voice
Long Live Our Beloved Iran!


Arash said...

I love that anthem :D


Winston said...

Regime used this song to stir anti-shah sentiments...

Unknown said...

Yes, save us Britain, America, Israel and their chief lackey in Potkin Azarmehr.

The Times of London newspaper is now just publishing everything mentioned on this blog as fact. This is proof of Mr Azarmehr's ties to the British Establishment -the FCO, BBC and MI6.


Azarmehr said...

Here you are Reza/Yussef/Bozorgmehr/arselicker , this where the British establishment's loyalty really lies:

Also you said the Home Office come to you didn't you? and that you make sure the asylum applicants go back to Evin, did you not, you piece of shit? So you work with the Home Office, so you are a lackey wherever you go a sychophant coward arse licker.

Unknown said...

Ah....Vel Kon!

You know that FCO statement is just protocol.

We all know that you are working for MARTIN FLETCHER of The Times of London and keep feeding him information. The Times is owned by the Zionist, Rupert Murdoch, who was a friend of Ariel Sharon.

Your mendacity will amount to nothing - Enjoy your life in self0imposed exile.

Azarmehr said...

Sorry Reza/Yussef/Home Office advisor,

You didn't reply re your earlier claims that you are a Home Office advisor.

Also I believe Press TV and your beloved Pro-Saddam Galloway also use Murdoch's Sky to broadcast

Unknown said...

That's right, Potkin. I am an official at the Home Office and will hand you your deportation orders very soon.

The managers of Zendane Evin look forward to receiving you. Maybe your bf Martin Fletcher can visit you while you are a guest there.

Anonymous said...

"That's right, Potkin. I am an official at the Home Office and will hand you your deportation orders very soon."

Hahaha give me a fucking break. You are probably a night shift janitor at the Home Office.

The UK isn't your shitty IRI where people are arbitrarily persecuted for their views. And if you do work in a responsible capacity at the Home Office, then you're doubly fucked because we have clear evidence of you abusing your authority to threaten others for their views. Pretty sure that can get you disciplined or worse.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.