Friday, December 25, 2009

More Protests Throughout Iran

More protests have errupted throughout Iran since Ayatollah Montazeri´s death. In Sirjan, the footage below shows a protester shot dead

Three people are reported shot dead in Sirjan, Amir Iran-Nezhad, Majid Esfandiarpour and Sajjadian.

Footage of protests in Zanjan

So Saddam lover Galloway and his cronies, it looks like the "North Tehran" kids are going everywhere :)))) What will they think of next to justify their wage packets from the regime?

I will be back in UK tomorrow.


SZ said...

This is a joke right? This has to be a joke, you call that a "protest"????

Its two young kids running around yelling allah-akhbar.....The others are normal people walking around doing their everyday shopping and living their lives, and these two doushe bags are yelling and screaming, and then running from the police cars in the area...

You are stupid potkin, truly stupid, you have let your emotion take a hold of your brain and lost all sense of truth and logic. There is NOTHING going on in Iran. There is no revolution, there is no coming collapse! When are you going to understand that and just live with it?

fyi, I am coming to Aberdeen next week for a poject we are doing in the North Sea. I would love for you to show me around London, I am doing some shopping for my family with my christmas bonus from my company.

Anonymous said...

Basijis shooting at people
Just released footage from near Azadi Square in Tehran, June 2009

Even after all this time, it was hard to watch this. First clip is the most clear, third clip shows a young man shot.

Anonymous said...

The Great Satan Myth
Everything you know about U.S. involvement in Iran is wrong.,0