Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rooftop Protest Chants on the Eve of Iran's National Student Day

The footage is from Vanak district, 10 pm Tehran time tonight. Tomorrow marks Iran's National Student Day and Iran's brave students are preparing for another day of protests against Ahmadienjad's coup administration.

Mir Hussein Moussavi asked the people to once again show their solidarity with the students by shouting protest chants from their roof tops and the people have responded. Press permits have been revoked from tomorrow until the 9th December. Internet has been ground to a halt and has been on and off constantly all day from today. All this futile effort by the regime to control the flaw of information and stop the world from seeing the brutality of an archaic regime which does not belong to this day and age and is not fit to rule over the people of Iran.

Regime's efforts will prove once again all in vain and they will only discredit themselves in the eyes of the world. As Moussavi said, 'they are trying to put up barbed wire fences to stop a flood'.

Another footage from today's rooftop chants


Winston said...

Tomorrow is going to be another hell day for the regime

Anonymous said...

Very good! This movement wont die! There is more hop ethat I thought. Let see whats going to happen tomorrow!


SZ said...


You are so damn delirious, I am in Tehran right now and the internet is working fine.

Stop spreading lies about Iran. Have you no shame.

Azarmehr said...

Really? Perhaps you can learn some Farsi at last! 'ghare ghaveh' :)))))))

Oh also when is Reza going to write a poem about you? You know you can be his imaginary mate Yussef Bozorgmehr :))

come online on facebook if you are telling the truth. what did you do today?

Unknown said...

How is setting fire to buses and garbage bins "brave"?

And why do we not see any pictures from South Tehran, Potkin?Vanak is right next to Shemiran.

What's going on in Pakdasht and Robat Karim?

FYI, I have written a poem about the political theatre in Iran. Here is one excerpt:

ای شهین معظم، دست شما را می‌بوسم

راستی‌ گیر کوسه خطرناک هست اما گاز سوسمر زورمندتر است

ناگهان موش در حل تشنج دوان دوان جلو آمد

گفت: همش دروغ است همش فریب است

پنیر سبزم دزدیده شده است

Anonymous said...

Mothers Arrested Before Opposition Rally in Iran

SZ said...


You are a fag. You think you know everyone and who they are, but when I tell you my name is Sasan, you still insist I am someone else.

Also, Reza has nothing to do with me, he is just another poster on this blog.

Today? I did nothing special, I am on holiday, I spent time with my father, and helped him work on our family house. Oh, and I am traveling to Babol with my family to visit my Aunt who lives there. Other than that, nothing at all.

And fyi, I don't have facebook or myspace, or bullshit like that. I live in the real world, I call my friends and email them if I need to get in touch with them. Or I get online and IM them sometimes with Gmail or AOL IM.

Stop being such a fucking idiot, the majority of people support our government and our country, people like you are the MINORITY. get that through your thick head.

and for the last time kesafat, there are no rules for Farsi spelling in english. Boro ghomsho kesafat ey ahmag. to vatanforoosh hasti.

Hassan said...

این بچه کونی کچل،شروین زینعلی زاده دستش رو خوب رو کرد كه اصلا ایران نمیره. همین الان از اصفهان به من زنگ زدن و گفتن كه ADSL تو اصفهان کاملا قطع شده. از یک روز پیش!!

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

Can you read Reza's 'poem' and tell the English speaking audience what it says? :))))

All as part of an effort to expose the serious mental problems of Ahmadinejad supporters outside Iran. If only the loony bins in UK had more room to accommodate you all.

Amir said...

Reza you idiot - they set fire to the bins to counter the effect of the teargas that the basiji goons fire at these peaceful protestors. The aggression and violence is always perpertrated by the regime goons. They are the ones with the guns, the batons, the teargas, the bullets and knives. These poor people only have their words.

Your regime has only itself to blame. Even your beloved Khomeini said when the people don't want the leader of the nation - the leader must step aside. Why doesn't your shit regime listen to what your fake imam said?

Here's the video clip (and SZ khayehmaal - it is subtitled in English for your benefit).

Unknown said...


به هنگام شنا مثل دستو پا چلفتی بپا توی مسیر دهان کوسه نیفتی

Come on, man, this protest movement is all about the Kooseh - Hashemi Rafsanjani - it is his desperate bid to protect his family's corrupt business empire from being destroyed by Ahmadi.

Since when has Hashemi been the leader of the opposition to the regime? He is the regime!

Azarmehr said...


Show me where in the past, before Ahmadinejad became president, you have ever written something against Rafsanjani? You see knowing the likes of you very well, you like endearing yourself to whoever is in power. Only thing is no matter how much you try to endear yourself they don't want you :))) You will end up like Hoder soon

Azarmehr said...


Dont forget to send us photos of your holiday in Iran, if you don't you are the biggest fag in the universe :)))))))))))))))))

Unknown said...

Potkin, I respected Mr Rafsanjani when he helped rebuild the country after the war but not when he and his awful family started to line their pockets.

Mr Hashemi financed Mousavi's campaign just as he did with Khatami. This whole "green movement" is his idea.

You are being duped into thinking this green wave is some anti-IR agenda. Sure, some of the followers may be anti-regime, but the leaders of the movement are all akhond and akhondzadeh.

Best thing Hashemi can do is pack his bags and go live in his apparment in Borj-al-Arabi in Dubai. Iran doesn't need him and his corruption.

Azarmehr said...

yes yes sure. But just please show me one article you wrote against Rafsanjani when he was still an establishment favourite.

Unknown said...


LOL! They burnt buses and bins to counter tear gas!??

Anyway, explain to me how from day1these rioters had their distinctive green masks over their mouths. Who supplied them? Its just more evidence of a pre-fabricated protest movement.

SZ said...


wait, you want me to post pictures of my holiday with my family? hahahahhaha are you fucking kidding me? You won't even tell us what you do or where you live, your friend "winston" won't even reveal his real name, and you want me to post pictures of my holiday with my family in Babol?

You're an idiot. When you can't debate someone, you want to resort to personal attacks and demean the person. You're a true dissident idiot.

Dont forget to send us photos of your holiday in Iran, if you don't you are the biggest fag in the universe :)))))))))))))))))

SZ said...


You fucking're such a dumbass.. They set fire to trash cans for countering the effects of teargas...ok.. fine, how about setting fire to the buses? or attacking police headquarters? Is that to fight the effect of tear gas as well?

Khomeini did say that when the people don't want a leader, they should step aside. I agree with that. The issue is that you are in the MINORITY! what don't you understand about that? There are 70 million people in Iran, only about 3 million have demonstrated against the regime! thats 5% of the populace!!! So you want our government to step aside because 5% of the people are against it? Are you fucking kidding me? You're an idiot, you're letting your hatred for Iran's government get in the way of your common sense. Seriously, stop foaming at the mouth and start thinking about what you post. Fucking Idiot.

Azarmehr said...


How many times have I said where I live and what I do for a living?

I think I have more of an identity than you who goes by SZ!

So look forward to your pictures from Babol. Do you know where it is by the way?

Amir said...

SZ and Reza - javabetoon to khiaboonha Iran hast.

You keep trying to divert attention from the issue that people are unhappy with the regime with dumb questions like where did the green masks come from? Are you really that stupid Reza? How much pollution is there in the big cities in Iran - everyone has access to those masks.

SZ - how many times has the entire population of a country come out against a government in a revolution? None. So shut the fuck up.

The problem with your regime is they are so blinded with the power they have that they fail to see what the people want. So they keep their eyes closed and deny anything is wrong. Instead of addressing the issues the regime chooses to anger the people further.

The answer to all your questions is in the streets of Iran.

Unknown said...


Since when have pollution masks ever been GREEN? And they were distributed not just in Tehran but elsewhere.Someone made these masks in advance of the troubles.

You keep going on about this being an anti-regime movement. But since when has Rafsanjani, Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami been anti-regime? THEY ARE PART OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC ESTABLISHMENT!

Anonymous said...


Sz never said the whole country had to come
Out. In fact, during the Shah, about 30%
Of the people did come out against the Shah in
Protests. The population of Iran at that time
Was about 30 million, and routinely about 15
Million people nationwide would turn out

Like sz said, in this "uprising" there has only
Been about 5 million at the most, that's not
Even 10% of the people.

Stop being ignorant, and stop putting words in
People's mouths.

Sohrab said...

Anonymous = SZ

SZ does this whenever he feels like his other identity (SZ) needs a little backup because he can't respond to good faith arguments. Suddenly an anonymous poster shows up who happens to display the same idiosyncrasies in terms of grammar, diction, etc. and supports SZ's viewpoints and attacks SZ's adversaries.

You have issues, SZ.

SZ said...

Sohrab = insecure fake law prick

Seriously, i don't need to post as anonymous on this blog shitwad. I can defend all my positions because they are factual and accurate. You are the one thats living in the US and think you know what's going on in Iran based on 20 second youtube clips that Potkin posts online.

Its also interesting how you claim to be a law student, but your lack of law knowledge is astounding.

Face it dick wad, Iran will be an Islamic Republic for a long long time to come, your opinion doesn't really matter. hahahahaha...Fuck off stupid idiot.