Friday, July 17, 2009

Protesters Outside the Interior Ministry

Look at the courage of these protesters in Iran. They are marching past the interior ministry building and they are chanting against Sadegh Mahsouli, Ahmadinejad's millionaire friend and trustee and the man who organised the vote rigging. You can see scores of riot guards on motorbikes inside the building who could mount a vicious attack on protesters any minute:

In this building there is a macabre floor known as the -4th floor. Here there is no natural light, no toilets, no washing facility, you are given food in your hands to eat and just the stench of the place overwhelms you.

This is the account of some of the protesters who were released from there after their families were forced to sign papers which blamed Moussavi for provoking the protests. It was published on the Amirkabir university students website.

Several hundred injured protesters from the university dormitory raid were captured and huddled into vans. Metal boxes were put over their heads and they were repeatedly hit while on their way to the -4th floor death chambers. They were given no food or water for 12 hours, until a warden with a jug of water came and started pouring the water onto the floor. The prisoners were told to get under the jug and try to catch some of the water as it was being poured on to the floor. In the morning a piece of dry brittle bread with a small piece of cheese was placed in their hand. Most were beaten again for dropping the crumbs as they were eating. In the evening some pasta noodles were given to them, again they were beaten if they dropped any on the floor.
It is impossible to tolerate the conditions for more than 3 to 4 days. The whole purpose is to humiliate and put the fear of God into the prisoners, so they never dare to protest again.

'The Source of our Shame, Our Interior Minister'
'Mahsooli, Shame on You, Let Go of the Ministry'


Anonymous said...

These marches are in support of some of the most corrupt in Iran. How could they presented as pro-democracy movement?

The issue is that two hardline islamic groups are in a power struggle. One has the advantage of foreign media supporting it, and the other has the advantage of having a huge number of grass root supporters.

The rest is all in your mind !

Azarmehr said...


you are so wrong I dont even know where to begin with you.

Shannon Love said...

While it fair to say that the current protest started as a power struggle within the ruling oligarchy, it has clearly passed beyond that stage and evolved into a popular movement for democracy. Some mullahs are openly questioning whether they as a class should have direct political power at all. That is a major development.

It is clear now that even it if we just swap one group of oligarchs for another, that the new ruler's authority will rest on how democratically they rule. That alone represents substantial progress.

Marilyn_Res said...

Thank you Azarmehr for posting this. Just ignore the other guy!

Anonymous said...

The world IS watching (this post of yours was linked on instapundit and you'll get many thousands of readers from that alone). And many of us in the U.S. are angry with our new president for not being more supportive of your efforts to bring true democracy (whatever form you wish it to be) to Iran.

Hopefully, the growing split within the mullahs will continue and the opposition there will throw their support whole-heartedly behind you (in the hopes they'd be paid back by getting honestly elected themselves by 'seeing the light').

Good luck, freedom fighters!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are so incredibly wrongheaded that it is unbelievable.

Based on your supposition that 2 hardline Islamic groups are in a power struggle, so you do nothing whatsoever to change the status quo? You just leave both of them alone?

And if the Iranian people have a large number of grass roots supporter you do nothing to support them? You just let loose the machine guns on them?

If the UN, the present US administration, the Chinese, the Russians, the Saudis and the European administrations say nothing substantive about this uprising then the rest of the world should support this uprising.

Anon, you are out to lunch. This uprising is the best thing that could happen in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Great work and thanks for posting this information. I share your goal of a "Four Pillar-based" Iran.
This blog is an aid to the cause. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

From America, more support for the IRanian peoples!

Sohrab said...


You don't understand Iran, our history, our people, our aspirations, or anything else. Please inform yourself before spewing opinions.

Anonymous said...

What you expose, sheds a dim light on the nature and genetic inkling of some Iranian's!!It is clear that those who take part in the shameful atrocities are not imported!they are Iranian's and are merely trying to protect their own interest!just as you are.
Perhaps it would be prudent and PC for you to also, say what is positive about those governing Iran.

Anonymous said...

Sohrab said...

"Perhaps it would be prudent and PC for you to also, say what is positive about those governing Iran."

Anon., prudence doesn't impose any such obligation on us when there is nothing positive to be found.

FearlessDream said...

Excellent videos!!! Thanks for posting and keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised by some of the responses to my earlier posting. After all, most of the visitors to this blog belong to the group of Iranians who reside abroad and live in a fantasy world. A world which is dominated by what they personally wish but contrasts sharply with reality in Iran.

Facts and wishes are separate things. The fact is that one hardline islamic faction headed by one of the most corrput is up against another group with most extreme views. As I said in my earlier posting the rest is in your heads and is wishful thinking.