Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Press TV Dick Head, Mathew Richardson on Newsnight

Here is one example of what Mathew Richardson calls objective reporting and an implict threat to the courageous eyewitness, Dr. Arash Hejazi:§ionid=351020101


Anonymous said...

Now they are threatening the eyewitness doctor with Interpol

unbelievable! What a weak toothless government we have here in UK.

Dino Fancellu said...

34:50 in.

Chas N-B said...

What a terrible performance from Matthew Richardson.

Unknown said...

"I represent PressTV Limited, which is different from PressTV website, different from PressTV international, and which of course has nothing to do with the Iranian government."

What a laughable tool.

Am M said...

I know many correspondents working for Press TV.
I dont know why Mathew Richardson made such remarks.