Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Faces of our Fallen Heroes

It saddens me to put up more and more pictures of our fallen heroes, but they must not be forgotten. The criminals who took their lives must not be forgotten either, nor the collaborators and those who remained silent.

Martyr Hossein Akhtar Zand (32 Years Old)

What kind of beasts did this to you Hossein? What coward can see what they have done to you and remain silent Hossein?

Hossein Akhtar Zand, died in Isfahan at the hands of Fascist Baseej Militia. The Baseej even tried to stop the people from taking him to Shariati hospital. One of the nurses at the hospital said, Hossein would have been paralysed had he lived, they had severed his spinal cord.

Hossein was the bread winner of his family and his mother and sisters were his dependents. His funeral was attended by Mr. Nekooyi from Moussavi's campaign team in Isfahan. Mourners were told by the authorities they must not chant Allah-o-Akbar.


Anonymous said...

The Basiji are animals.

Sohrab said...


You are insulting animals.

Winston said...

oh my goodness.... Basijis are equivalent of Nazi brown shirts.

FearlessDream said...

The Basiji are far below the animals.

Anonymous said...

This is the head of Basij in Tehran and responsible for the bloodbath on the streets. His name is Abollah Araghi. The content of the article is not important (the usual lies) I just want to introduce this criminal to the world:


Remember this face, Radan, Chief of Tehran Police and one of the main ring leaders of the torturers at Kahzirak:

According to eye witnesses, every morning this man used to arrive at Kahzirak by Helicopter and he would select 3 or 4 of the detainees and torture them himself. His favourite tool of torture was a hose which he would use to beat the detainees with until they lost consciousness. Detainees say they were gripped with fear every time they would hear the sound of the helicopter in the morning because they knew that Radan had arrived. Let the world learn this face.

Anonymous said...

The Basiji are all ARAB MONSTERS torturing and killing noble Persians! RISE UP, Persian military! RISE UP, Persian police forces! Destroy the mullahs and their Basiji ghouls!


Sohrab said...


I think the last comment by Anon. ("Basij are ARAB monsters...") doesn't belong here. For while there have been reports of the regime importing Lebanese rent-a-thugs, many ethnic Arabs share their Persian brothers discontent with the regime. They too have suffered at the hands of this regime. I say this as someone who is half Persian, half Azeri.

Azarmehr said...

And I agree with you as a full Azeri sohrab

yikes said...

That picture of Radan, is of a person whose soul already belongs to the devil. There is little if any humanity in that face behind those eyes.