Monday, July 27, 2009

Tehran Mayor's Bombshell on Ahmadinejad

Tehran mayor, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf is categorised as a 'principalist' within the spectrum of Iran's ruling elite. Principalists are referred to those who follow the Supreme Leader blindly, if the Supreme Leader says the day is night or otherwise they will accept it without question. Yet there are now serious divisions over Ahmadienjad within the principalists camp too.

Rokhdad News quotes Qalibaf in a meeting with a group of Islamic Consultative Assembly deputies, accusing Rahim Mashaei, father of Ahmadienjad's daughter-in-law and his original choice of first deputy, as being an MKO sympathiser. Qalibaf told the deputies, Mashaei's wife was a former MKO prisoner who had become a repenter in prison and Mashaei was her prison interrogator at the time who married her. MKO or otherwise known as the MeK is the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation, a rival Islamic group, who took up arms against the Shah and helped the revolution but when they felt there was no power sharing for them after the revolution, again they took up arms against the Islamic Republic in the early eighties. They were brutally crushed and fled to Iraq where they served Saddam even during the invasion of Iran.

Further to the above, Lahzeh news has obtained an audio file of Qalibaf who hurls further accusations at Ahmadienjad and his cabinet. Qalibaf is speaking to his campaign team seven months before the elections in the audio file.

In this audio file, Qalibaf makes the following points:

I do not consider Ahmadinejad as an honest and genuine person, he is not a revolutionary and he is a liar.

Ahmadinejad has no track record of having taken part in the revolution, he did not even receive a slap in the face, if he has done anything during the uprising against the Shah, why doesn't he share it with us?

Ahmadinejad never served in the fronts during the war, not even one day nor even one hour, if he had, he would have reminded us about it a thousand times a day.

He then refers to all the embezzlement in the city municipality when Ahmadinejad was the mayor and how his overnight millionaire cronies then became governors during his presidency.

Qalibaf said if the oil price drops to below $50 a barrel the country's economy Will simply cease. He then asks Mofidi, an energy expert, who is present in the meeting 'Mr. Mofidi, can you tell us how much electricity we produced when Ahmadinejad became the president?' Mofidi answers '36000 Mega Watts'. Qalibaf then continues 'Yet Ahmadinejad told the Supreme Leader that our electricity output has increased by 12000 mega watts since he became president. if we had 48000 Mega Watts electric output we wouldn't have electricity shortages now. I was there when Mr. Ahamdinejad was telling these things and could see his people whisper in each other's ears and laugh as he was saying these lies'

Qalibaf also attacked Ahmadinejad's ministers and advisors. Qalibaf claimed Hamid Molana had received his scholarship from the Pentagon itself. Even Kordan's wife and children didn't want to talk to him after it was revealed he had a criminal record for rape before the revolution. Without naming names he also said one of Ahmadinejad's ministers drinks alcohol and another one is married to a French woman.


Winston said...

Let them tear each other apart. It only benefits us

Anonymous said...

The mullahs are nothing but a bunch of arab fiends! This is how they can inflict so much torture and horror on the noble Persians! DOWN WITH THE MULLAHS AND THE ARAB MONSTERS IN IRAN!

Frank Partisan said...

Ahmadinejad is a reactionary. His supporters lie and say he is a socialist. He has privatized over 150 businesses, and plans to privatize hundreds more. He is no revolutionary.

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