Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Return the Bodies to their Families

More and more detained protesters are reported to have died from their injuries while incarcerated in the death camps run by Ahmdienjad's junta. Amidst all this misery and evil, families of the martyrs are further enraged when conditions are enforced upon them to collect the bodies of their loved ones.

In a meeting with Iran's teacher associations, Moussavi lashed out at the coup masters, Saham News reports.

Moussavi, Iran's Prime Minister during the eight year war against Saddam's invasion of Iran, condemned the recent atrocities and addressed those who are carrying out the felonies 'The minimum act of decency for you is to release the bodies of those you have killed to their families'

Moussavi mentioned Amir Javadi, the young Iranian student who was tortured and killed while detained after the protests and said 'What about those whose names have not been released? What about those from the provinces? Return their bodies to their families. Why do you put people through so much suffering? People have the right to know where their loved ones are buried.'

Moussavi referred to recent arrests and murders as a tragedy and said 'I remind those who are carrying out these crimes, remember what happened to those who acted aginst the people before the revolution and how people brought them to justice. People will not forget your crimes.'

'If we remain silent, we will all go to hell. I am happy about the protests. Our people do not condone these atrocities, our people are not happy about a bunch of criminal thugs who attack them in their houses and destroy their cars, the protests show that our people are alive and the officials must realise this. You can not turn Iran into a prison for 70 million people' Moussavi added.

Moussavi then addressed the judiciary and mentioned another martyr, Mohsen Roohulamini son of one of Mohsen Rezaii's campaign advisors, who died of his injuries while detained. 'They say he contracted meningitis while in prison. Will the judiciary investigate why all his teeth were broken? did he trip and fall or were other things done to him? I mention him because everything about him is known, he was a pious and religious young man, witnesses say he was alive when he was arrested'

Moussavi also talked about the election campaign and said 'After the revolution, people were chanting 'In the spring of freedom, we miss our beloved martyrs', we are asking what happened to that freedom we fought for? What we were asking for during our campaign was what the people of Iran were asking for. That is why this green wave started and became so widespread.'

'They accuse us of destabilising the country, you only need to look at the way Neda, Sohrab or Roohulamini, were murdered and see who the destructive force is. This is not what we wanted in 1979! Did we want a regime where hired thugs would raid university dormitories and kill and beat our students? that they attack people's houses and destroy their cars? and then all the institutions of power, from the intelligence ministry to Baseej, claim they were nothing to do with them? So where are they from? Are they from the Mars planet? They always claim that their intelligence agencies are so strong, so why don't they find out and investigate who these hundreds of criminals who have killed and maimed our people are? who in their right mind believes them? Are they not making the whole system to look it is made of lies?'

At this point, Moussvai brought up the widespread posters and flyers across Iran which say 'No More Lies' and said 'There is a big lie behind what is going on in these events, they want to step on the constitution and all the ideals of the revolution, and now the rulers have no alternative but to go back and implement people's demands and if they don't, people will force them into. They thought after a few protests and demos, people would go back to their houses but for forty days, the widespread protests have proved that the people are willing to pay the price. They thought the protests are being organised by a few ring leaders, what they don't realise is that the protests don't have a pyramid structure but this is a widespread movement that has penetrated into every family in Iran and that is the reason for the survival of the movement. The power of this movement is as a result of the high awareness of our people and we should appreciate this'

Moussavi finished by saying 'Whether with a permit or without it, people will turn up for marking the 40th day ceremonies of our first martyrs. You can not fool people for ever. May God help us to get back to the path of Islam and the revolution'


Anonymous said...

"May God help us to get back to the path of Islam and the revolution."

Really? Give me a break. It's THAT path thats the whole reason Iran is in shambles.

Do these people really want democracy and freedom? Or are they still interested in reforms?

Unknown said...

Great blog. You mentioned how Mousavi met with a teacher's organization which reminds me that yesterday the LA Times had a story in the Babylon & Beyond section that teachers that had been given raises two months before the election by Ahmadinejad found when they opened their paychecks this month, that the raise was no longer there. They say "tens of thousands" of people were affected by this, so if any of them were supporters of this government, they probably aren't now.

saggezard said...

Does Khamenei really think he can wash away the regime's thirty years of massive crimes, with the closure of one detention camp (Kahrizak), because the atrocities at only that particular camp has become partially exposed? Is the regime not capable of the same atrocities at lets say Gorgan's 70,000 capacity prison which was built one decade ago or the other prison facilities? Does he think people do not know where Shourabad "gulags" are? Or Adelabad of shiraz? A lot of people endured an witnessed all these facilities in the past thirty years. Prison closure is not a solution, people do not accept and will fight the regime and the fascistic religious philosophy feeding it.

Mehrtash said...

Khoob ta kharab kard ba jomleyeh akhareshan:

"May God help us to get back to the path of Islam and the revolution'".

It went wrong from the very start. May God help us get on to a path of democracy, tolerance and peact in Iran.