Friday, July 17, 2009

Hypocrisy Beyond Belief

The callous murder of Marwa Al-Sherbini, the Egyptian Muslim woman who was three month old pregnant, in a German court in Dresden, shocked and sickened every human being who heard the news. The fact that this happened in front of her three year old son and husband who was also hurt when he tried to defend his wife, further magnified the dreadfulness of the hideous act by the Russian neo-nazi scum. I tremble at the thought of what Marwa Al-Sherbini's husband and her three year old son went through and are going through right now.

If there is any silver lining in this gross tragedy, it is that the assailant will be sentenced to life imprisonment and German newspapers have and will cover the story and Marwa will have a decent funeral and her family will be able to grieve for the loss of their loved one. The German city of Dresden has also publicly honoured Marwa. German officials and statesmen as well as the people of Dressden attended the funeral and laid white roses on Marwa's grave. Not much in the face of such dreadful tragedy but lets compare it with what is happening to the protest victims in Iran.

Ahmadinejad, typical to his opportunism in twisting things for his own agenda as ever, has called for the UN to place sanctions on Germany because of the murder. Lets examine some facts:

- The callous murderer was a Russian neo-Nazi and who do neo-Nazis support? Yes, Mahmooooooooooood Ahmadinejad! See:

- Racist attacks on Muslims is a routine occurence in Russia. Does Ahmadinejad ever condemn his Russian friends?

- Pregnant women have been executed in Iran.

- Families of protest victims in Iran are put under pressure not to hold funerals for their loved ones.

- Families of protest victims in Iran are told to sign papers that their loved ones have died as a result of accidents and natural death.

- There is no investigation as to who is responsible for their murders.

- Yesterday it was reported that Taraneh's burned body was found in the outskirts of Tehran. Will there be any press coverage for Taraneh in Iran? Will her family be allowed to grieve for her and have a proper funeral for her? Will there be an investigation to the terrible ordeal she went through?

This is what makes sick, the hypocrisy of Ahmadinejad and his supporters. The hypcrisy of people who are not consistent in condemning human rights abuses but have their own agenda. By the way, did Press TV say anything about Taraneh??


Winston said...

I dont really care about a radical Muslim who wanted to live in the west yet wanted to keep her burqa. If she wasnt happy, she should have not left her country. period!

Azarmehr said...

Come on Winston, nothing justifies this hideous act. To stab an innocent pregnant woman in front of her husband and three year old kid is just lowest of the lowest. It deserves the strongest condemnation

Winston said...

Yes it may but I don't see how it serves the national interests of the Iranian people. All I am saying is the arabs cause has been used to beat the morals and heritage of the Iranian people. I dont see how it serves us to align ourselves with either the neo-nazis or arabs. Let them have each other.

این مسلمونهای رادیکال هم شدن چوبی که اخوندها مرتب به سر مردم ما میزنن. برای من اصلا مهم نیست چه بلایی سر این عده میاد

Azarmehr said...

Its aligning ourselves with basic human values.

Maggie said...

I have not read about the death of Marwa. However, a callous murder by neo-nazis is to be condemned on the grounds that murder is wrong. The issue of the burqa is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the hypocrisy of Ahmanutjob to make noises about this murder when he is condoning the murder of so many Iranians.

Maya M said...

I understand Winston. In troubled times, in is understandable to weep only for those who would weep for you; and while we know that Ms. El-Sherbini was pushing for an Islamic center in Dresden, we have (to my knowledge) no reason to believe that she ever cared for freedom-loving people in Iran, in her native Egypt or anywhere else. However, I fully agree with Azarmehr that we must stand for basic human values and defend the rights even of people whom we don't like and who would never defend our rights.

Anonymous said...

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