Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Iran Plane Crash Today

It seems there is nothing but news of death and suffering coming out of Iran. Today another defective Russian aeroplane has crashed causing the death of 168 passengers and crew. Amongst the passengers on this tragic flight were Iran's teenage judo team, all of whom are reported dead.


Anonymous said...

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saggezard said...

When Cinema Rex was burnt down during Shah's time by Islamic revolutionaries the crime was blamed personally on the Shah by Iran's enemies PR machines. When there was a devastating earthquake in Tabas it was blamed on spent nuclear fuel the Shah allegedly stored in the desert near Tabas. I wonder if this is also going to be blamed on the shah for not buying more Boeing planes so that our cognitively unbalanced Islamic revolutionaries can ride us all into their horribly grandiose and nightmarish Shangri-La.

Arash said...

Whilst this is exceptionally tragic news, I fear for the political consequences of this incident, namely that it will further give the likes of CASMII a chance to apologise for the Regime under the guise of "helping the people of Iran", whilst taking the focus off the Mullahs and their corruption and dictatorship, which is at the root of all of this.


FearlessDream said...

A very tragic story to come out of Iran. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. It might be a stretch, but I wondered if there's a possible chance that the government was behind this for some sick reason.

SZ said...

Fuck you fearlessdream..was the US government behind the 9/11 attacks, how about hurricane katrina relief getting there to late, maybe they wanted those black people to die!

you fucking idiot! stop with all the stupid fucking conspiracy theories. The plane went down, its a tragedy, I will pray for the victims.

Only a sick american like yourself could think that a tragedy was a conspiracy. go fuck yourself.

Winston said...

Mullahs have brought nothing to Iran but misery, death and poverty.

Anonymous said...

live coverage of Raf's speech: