Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opposition Goes from Strength to Strength

You murdered our people, you beat them savagely, you imprisoned them in your death camps and you killed them under torture. The result is the opposition grows stronger and stronger, more determined and more radical. The more you kill and the more you maim, the more people will make sure the blood of our martyrs will not be in vain. You have stained your hands with so much blood, your conscience will bring about your demise and the hell fire that you deserve.

Chanting: 'Thirty Years of Atrocities, in the Name of Religion'

Ghanbarnezhad street, Tehran

Silent protest in Rasht, but they couldn't even tolerate this and attacked the people:

Valiasr, Tehran:

Abbas Abad, Tehran:

Russia, death to your deceits, the blood of our youth drips from your claws

Yussef Abad, Tehran night protests


'Political Prisoners Must be Freed'


Behesht Zahra, to mourn the martyrs

Independence, Freedom, an Iranian Republic


Winston said...

Excellent work potkin jan!

mfirebrand1 said...

thank you for your fine reporting and tireles effort. god be with you.

Anonymous said...

This movement will end with teh people shouting Death to teh Islamic Republic. Iran will be free!

yikes said...

Great reports. Great work.
Thanks for all the links!

Maggie said...

It is the 1979 revolution redux. I can see the movement continuing to grow. I am waiting to see what certain individuals in powerful positions will do next.