Sunday, July 05, 2009

Freedom Has a Price

The writing says 'Freedom has a Price - We pay the price with our blood'

And this one that says
'Although the night is dark, Keep a brave heart for dawn is near'


Sohrab said...

We have very resilient compatriots back home - soon we will join them, I am sure of it.

SZ said...


why don't you just join them now? Is it because you are the kind of person that wants other people to fight for something you want?

That must be it, you are a pussy poser, who can't fight for what he wants, therefore, you want Iranians to go out and fight your battles for you.

On behalf of many iranians, I say to you, get the fuck lost! you are a traitor, and I want you to come to Iran, so I can kill you.

Anonymous said...

"Sasan the Basiji" is here again.
Hey Sasan the killer!
Did you kill Neda agha Soltan too?? You call yourself an Iranian???? Go to hell.


BOYKOTT said...


pls contact me. we organize 25 on. July again a candlelight demonstration in Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Munich and other one locate. we had already accomplished 25 on. June an action of this kind. under the slogan: " a light shows hope thousands light shows gesicht". it would be beautifully if it you involved. Love of greetings Lutz Bucklitsch Mail:

Anonymous said...


Talking about pussy poser are you not the biggest pussy? You are protected by all the baseej, riot guards, plain clothes thugs and just about every savage and you are still scared to reveal your identity.