Thursday, July 23, 2009

Faces of Our Martyrs

Nasser Amirnezhad, 26 Year old aero-space student at Azad university. Killed by a Baseej bullet

Mohsen Roohulamini, Computer Engineering student from Tehran's Tech University. Arrested and subsequently killed on 9th July, 2009.

Mostafa Ghanian, Engineering student killed during the savage raid on Tehran university dormitories, 14th June.

'It is not just a single leaf that falls,

They are turning our forests into barren lands' ... Fereydoon Moshiri

Scab celebrities, do you still want your 'precious' slot on Press TV?


Anonymous said...

گفتند:نمي خواهيم كه بميريم
گفتند :دشمنيد ,دشمنيد ,خلقان را دشمنيد

چه ساده
چه به سادگي گفتندو ايشان را
چه ساده
چه به سادگي


Anonymous said...

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