Saturday, July 11, 2009

19 Year Old Sohrab Died in Evin

19 Year old Sohrab Erabi, one of the thousands of protesters who have been imprisoned, has died while in custody in Evin prison. Sohrab had passed his university exam entrance this year and would have enrolled as an undergraduate student in September. He was arrested on Saturday 20th June and taken to Evin prison.

Sohrab's mother shown in this film footage, is showing her son's picture and asking one of the prisoners who has just been released, her son's whereabouts. She was worried ever since Sohrab disappeared and kept saying 'I have a feeling something bad is about to happen to my son '.

Every day since Sohrab's arrest, she has been outside Evin prison along with other families, searching for her son until today, when she was finally told by the authorities that Sohrab died while in custody.

Weep not mother Iran and show the enemy no sign of weakness, for every Sohrab that falls, there will be tens of thousands more who will soon set you free.


Sohrab said...

I don't know what to say. We share a namesake and I'm only a few years older. That I enjoy life in a free country where I can express my views is only due to contingent, trivial reasons. This is devastating.

skot magdala said...

من سهراب عربی شخصا نمی دانم ، اما آن را احساس می کنم اگر به عنوان یک دوست دیگر از دست داده اند که می دانست هرگز من کرده بود. از دروغ و نیرنگ را از بسیاری از کشورها که در نور تشکر در روز به شهامت و سهراب نشان داده شده است و دیگران را از او می خواهم. من یک وعده ساخته شده است که یک روز من را بر روی خاک ایران آزاد به راه رفتن. به افتخار سهراب Erabi کنم از این وعده را در زندگی و یا مرگ نگه. امروز به من یک برادر از دست رفته را به پیوستن به ندا.

I did not know Sohrab Erabi personally, however it feels as if I have lost another friend that never knew I had. The lies and deceit from many countries have been shown in the light of day thanks to the courage of Sohrab and so many others like him. I have made a promise that one day I will walk on a free Iran soil. In Sohrab Erabi's honor I will keep this promise in life or death. Today I've lost a brother to join Neda.

FearlessDream said...

Touching post.
He was so young with his whole life ahead of him. What a horrible tragedy for him and his mother and family.

Thank you for keeping us updated.

I have just created a video for Iranians on YouTube that includes a partial timeline of events that have taken place in Iran the past few weeks. I hope you will take a look and pass it on: Iranian Protests Timeline

Azarmehr said...

Nice video, I will post this FearlessDream, thank you for making it.