Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flowers v Bullets

Like I have always said, this is the battle of good against evil. Look at the awesome courage of protesters in Iran, going up to the riot guards, who are brainwashed to kill their own people, with nothing more than flowers and humanity.



kellie said...

Another example of learning from the Khomeni revolution? Here at 9:30.

Though Khomeni didn't invent it.

shahin said...

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Babak said...

Beautiful.. I got tears in my eyes out of pride for our brave & honorable compatriots..

Ferio Navaro said...

I think your idea of Good and Evil is very dangerous. Nothing in this world is 100% black or evil and 100% white or good. Unfortunately these are not ideas which drive the popular mouvements but first of all the economic and justice conditions. As always, these is the struggle between a minority who has everything in one side agaist and a majority who has nothing in the other with infinite nuances in between. So lets remove our black and white glasses which misleed us towards dangerous decisions...After all, government people are not from Mars, they come from the very heart of the population...

Azarmehr said...


Actually the vast majority of mullahs in Iran trace their origin to outside of Iran and are not Iranian. We are already under teh occupation of a non-iranian clan

Ferio Navaro said...

What do you mean by they trace their origins...? As far as I know they are Iranians like other millions of Iranians with strong religious beliefs and millions of other fake or real 'Seyyed' if this is what you mean. If not I think almost all of them are from Iranian descent and they lived in Iran all of their life. If you are talkng about any particular person or if you have new facts please light me up. If not, these ideas are the same that during the 57 revolution caused the revolutionaries to kill all the old regime's elements and all the opposents. 'Good' brothers killed 'Evil' brothers and a lot of Iran's best minds have been victims of those binary ideas! Let's do not put a pack of ourselves outside. Bad or good these we are all Iranians and have to accept our weaknessess and corect them.

Azarmehr said...

Most of them came to Iran from Iraq, India or Lebanon in the last century.

Their culture is not Iranian, none of them have Iranian names. They changed our flag, they introduced more non-Iranian words into our vocabulary, they despise our national heroes like Kaveh Ahangar and Babak Khorramdin. Our culture is a joyous culture, theirs is one of mourning and sadness. You said 'we' so you must be Iranian, do you not know all this??

FearlessDream said...

"When leaders act contrary to conscience, we must act contrary to leaders." ~VFL

Beautiful people demonstrating the best of humanity, acting contrary to the despicable leaders who show no humanity toward them. Very beautiful people.

Ferio Navaro said...

My dear, I appreciate a lot your efforts for a democratic and specially a secular Iran. Nobody these days insists on the secularism but we specially need it. But I think that you are deeply and completely wrong if you think that these are mullahs who introduced religious beliefs into our culture. We have always (even before Islam) been a religious nation with strange and questionable traditions (for ex. chador and Ashura mourning go back to before Islam...). Zoroastrianism was another shit like Islam. Also, these last centuries specially, most of Iranians were always illiterate, ignorant and deeply and strongly immerged in superstition and religious thoughts. The mullahs won the fight against Shah because people trusted them amongst all other activists with atheist or laic points of view. Let’s just accept ourselves as we are and not idealize our culture. It has glorious facets and less glorious ones. Denying them does not make them disappear; it just makes us be lost! If my dad was wrong denying that he is my dad does not help the facts, at best it would just comfort me...

Delaram said...


You are a LIAR and an IDIOT. Everything on this blog is a nonsense.

You call the mullahs "non-Iranian" because they are....Muslims...and you call for a secular country which banishes Iran's Shia heritage.

You are a traitor and I wish you a disgraceful death in this life and a painful punishment in the hereafter.

Azarmehr said...


I call mullahs non-Iranian because their culture is alien to ours. Who would change our flag and national symbols with non-Iranian symbols and writings if they were Iranian??

Show me one quote in this entire blog where I ask for the banishment of Shias or any other religious groups.

I think in your depraved mind you have misunderstood secularism with destruction of people's private beliefs. I suggest you go back to school and learn your ABC again.

YOU are the traitor for supporting a small repressive corrupt clan who are making millions by using religion to line up their pockets and destroy our Iranian heritage.

But I don't wish you a 'disgraceful death', I wish you live and see the better days for Iran and realise how wrong and misguided you have been. Perhaps then you will be a better person.

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, ignore Ferios headfarts. haha, do u understand French PA? He left his headwinds back in 2008 and now got his new wind cuz of cactus up his Derrière and some cheap french wine on la rive gauche to rejuvenate his {joie de vivre}. To try and reason with {my dear} is amusing but useless. He isnt Iranians, at best only a paid one.
As for Delaram, IT knows its ABC too well and should receive same molla shia treatment IT desires.

بردیا said...


I am writing my words in Persian so you have to learn Farsi to know what exactly you are:

در مورد اینکه می گویی، تا آنجاییکه بیاد داری این آخوندها ایرانی بوده اند با باورهای سخت دینی، باید بگویم یا دانسته هایت اندکند یا سن و سالت، این آخوندها که هیچ، دین اسلام جایی در هیچ کجای دنیا ندارد برای همین است که جسته گریخته در گوشه های عقب افتاده دست و پا می زند. گذشت آنزمانی که اسلام به زور شمشیر و نفر سرانجامی پیدا کند همانطور که مسیحیت نتوانست
دیگر اینکه اگر خود را ایرانی می پنداری، بسیار دردناک است که نیاکان و پدران خود را بازنشناسی و پس از زایش هر جنبنده ای را مادر بپنداری

آخوندها انقلاب نکردند و با پشتیبانی مردم پیروز نشدند. مردم چیزی نیستند جز سیاه لشگری که بازیچه دست قهرمان داستان باشند. اینطور که برمی آید در مورد تاریخ انقلاب هم آگاهی نداری. حکومت از چندین سال قبل از اینکه اندک مردم شکم سیر به خیابانها بریزند از هم پاشیده بود، بدست قدرت جماهیر شوروی که آمریکا نیز با دست پاچگی خواست گوشتی از تن این شکار به چنگ آورد که نتوانست

ولی نکته ای که نباید فراموش شود اینست که با سرک کشیدن به این وبلاگ و آن وبلاگ و یاوه گویی و کج اندیشی نمی توان برای وبلاگ خویش خواننده گرد آورد. باید آگاهی راستین به خواننده دهی تا سخنت خریدار داشته باشد

بردیا said...


نگرانی تو از چیست؟ چرا اینگونه به خشم آمده ای؟
ولی من پاسخت را می دهم: نگرانی تو از اندیشه سکولار نیست، ترس تو از اینست که اگر حکومتی سکولار سرکار بیاید، جای توی شیعه کجای این کره خاکی می تواند باشد تا به جنایات و آدمکشی براحتی ادامه دهی.تمام کشورهای مسلمان خاورمیانه و آسیای دور سنی هستند. چند کشور گرسنه آفریقایی هم که مسلمان هستند از فرقه یزیدی هستند. براستی کجا می توانی پناه بگیری؟ لبنان؟ فلسطین آشغالی؟ ای بابا اینها هم که سنی هستند. آری تنها جاییکه که می توانی بگریزی همان جاییست که تعلیمات اسلامی براستی بیان کرده است: آخرت