Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Martyrs of Iran

How many more must fall before the tyrant falls?

Today reporters without borders confirmed the death of 29 year old Iranian journalist, Alireza Eftekhari. He died as a result of head injuries from truncheon blows. Alireza worked for the Abrar daily.

Amir Hossein Toofanpour, 31 years old, another martyr. He leaves a seven year old daughter. Amir Hossein was shot in the arm, side and back. His arm was broken and there was a large hole in his back which was filled with cotton. The authorities wanted his family to pay for the return of his body. Amir Hossein was alive for some time after he was shot. An unknown person next to him picked up his mobile and rang his mother saying he was shot in the arm and was being taken to Rasool hospital.

Hossein Akbari, only 16 years old. He was reported missing on 15th June. His family were notified two days ago. Hossein also died of repeated truncheon blows to the head. His body showed bruise marks where he had been hit.

But if you thought all this killing is weakening the resolve of the Iranian people, just listen to the roof top chants, Allah-o-Akbar, Down with the Dictator, Down with Russia:


Ziggy said...

I'd just drop a tear then i read about Amir. A Daugther have just lost his father and she won't see him again =/

Winston said...


Anonymous said...

And today in Beheshte Zahra the Basij will attack, beat and kill more ... like animals.
Instead of green, I wore my black clothes today.....


Anonymous said...

The author of Kahrizak report, in his new note mentions that he is now in Turkey.

In a part of his note he recalls a staged execution for him: Hanging him by a green rope

Winston said...

This regime will collapse sooner or later.