Monday, July 13, 2009

Sohrab's Funeral Today

Sohrab's Funeral today:

This body that was buried today, was until few days ago, a young 19 year old, with a bright future ahead of him. Why did they take him away from his loved ones? Why was his life suddenly interrupted? Because a small clique want to hang on to power at any cost and regardless of what crimes they have to commit to stay in power. Will the West still appease these monsters? Will the apologists still find excuses to justify them?

Sohrab's mother crying over his body, 'Whoever killed you, may his arms be broken'

And this is Sohrab's last picture at the morgue, it looks as if he is smiling at the most noble death, for freedom and for reclaiming our land from these tyrant occupiers:


Anonymous said...

If you read Persian: This article should be translated and read by all Iran experts! Most comprehensive analysis of recent events thus far.

Hilda said...

like everyone els, I'm so sad about this. May he rest in peace, and his murderer deserve to burn in hell. God knows how much pain has this mother right now. When I saw this film this morning and saw how this woman was wailing, with tears in my eyes, I thought with myself why God? Why these things are happening in my country? How much more should these people suffer from this brutal regime? All they want is a little bit of justice, happiness and freedom. Don't they deserve that?? Like the most countries in the world?? A grieved mother there in Iran and all I can do in this free and reasonbale safe country is writing....

Azarmehr said...


There is a lot more you can do that, even outside Iran. DOnt think your options are limited.

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr: Like what exactly? We support the protestors and the Iranian's fight for freedom, but how can we in the UK help them?

Azarmehr said...

apart from symbolic gestures of solidarity there are so many interest sections of the IR outside Iran that you can target.

Even inside iran you can focus on targets. e.g. go to, its the website of the Iranian intelligence ministry's cyberspace unit, go to the Frasi section you see two list of pictures of protesters where they are asking their informants to identify them.
Bombard them with false information, it will overwhelm them and reduce the credibility of the information they receive.

Everyday repressive forces who have been committing the crimes against the people are being identified too and their phone numbers are published. RIng them from outside Iran and ask them why they are killing tehir brothers and sisters.

Nokia sales in Iran have been halved because they have sold spy equipment to IR, you too can boycott Nokia. Let these companies become aware of the consequences.

Think and you can find ways to help.

Anonymous said...

جمعه برادر بزرگتر سهراب برای تحویل جنازه مراجعه کرد و به گفته خودش در میان ۵۰ تا ۶۰ عکس که به او داده شد، عکس دوم سهراب بوده که او شناسایی کرده است.

When Sohrab's older brother went to search for his brother, he was shown 60 pictures of dead bodies to see if his brother is amongst them

saggezard said...

Now everyone is obligated to take concrete actions against Islamic regime's barbarism. Humanity cannot expect any peace and tranquility anytime in the future if it were to stand inactive and speechless. Ask your elected officials to boycott and sanction trade with the theocracy.

Hilda said...

Ofcourse. You're right. There are so many options to do practical tings for Iran and the Iranians in this foreign land, like the informations that you gave us.

For example,I've already bycotte Nokia. Last week , I didn't let my husband to buy a new one. It took me afcourse half an hour to convince him but I'm very glad that I did that.