Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moussavi's Supporters Twenty Years Ago

In Iranian politics, it is not so much the candidate himself but his team and his supporters who should be studied. Here is a brief glimpse of where a lot of Mir Hussein Moussavi Khamenii's current campaign team and supporters were twenty years ago:


Anonymous said...

The 'intellectual' Zahra Rahnavard 20 years ago:

In an interview with the Zan (woman)magazine, Zahra Rahnavard talks about her husband's attitude towards mixing of men and women.
'Mr. Moussavi thinks men and women should be kept apart from each other as much as possible in public places. Women ought to try to avoid appearing in public as much as possible'

Sohrab said...

Moments like these represent the erotic apotheosis of the revolution.

Winston said...

Horrible days, I remember those days vividly