Friday, June 26, 2009

UK Trade Union Solidarity with the People of Iran

UK Trade Union representatives staged a solidarity rally outside the Islamic Republic embassy in London today.

The rally was part of a worldwide Trade Union solidarity which was held across 20 countries today.

Also present there was Owen Tudor, Head of the TUC European Union and International Relations. It was a good opportunity to get some signatures for the letter below to Boris Johnson, which I did and will send it right now.

Mayor of London,
City Hall,
Queen’s Walk,

Dear Mr Johnson

We are writing with reference to the advertising of Press TV on London buses and on the London Underground. You as chair of Transport for London as well as Mayor have overall responsibility for transport in the capital.

We are obliged to point out to you that Press TV is a propaganda station for the Iranian government. It is funded by that government and was launched by Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad personally in 2007. By allowing these advertisements Transport for London are giving implicit support to that government and helping to promote their propaganda.

It claims to give “voice to the voiceless.” Yet the events of the past few days have shown the true “voiceless” are not the Iranian government, who have a whole phalanx of nauseating apologists outside the country, but the Iranian people who are being bludgeoned and killed by the regime’s thugs for trying to make their voice heard.

At a time when Iran’s bus drivers union leaders are in jail, foreign journalists are expelled from Iran, Internet is clamped down and satellite TV stations outside Iran have their signals jammed, to have London buses carry Press TV ads with the motto of 'we give voice to the voiceless' is an insult to the Iranian people who are killed and beaten up for their desire for a freer society.


Anonymous said...

Did SWP turn up? They seem to have changed their position now and support the protesters in Iran

Azarmehr said...

No I can catagorically say not one SWP member was there.

Anonymous said...

Were there any SWP members there? They have now changed their position and are supporting the protests.

Azarmehr said...

No, I can say with full confidence that not one SWP member was there.

Beans said...

Mullahs cannot stop the Persian re-awakening!

Beans said...

Sorry folks, I appear to have f-ed up the last web article address on the mullahs not being able to stop the glorious peoples of Persia. Here is the correct link, my apologies.

bardia said...

good job. I'm proud of you, my friends around the world.

kellie said...

It was good to meet you on friday, and I hope the petition has an effect.

Maggie said...

This is one time that I support the trade union movement, especially their letter to Boris Johnson.

I am pleased to see that they are behind the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom from the oppressors.