Thursday, June 11, 2009

CASMII Mob Sense the Collapse is Near

For the last three decades the majority of the 'academics' who have signed this statement below:
Statement of 'Academics'

have ignored the plight of their countrymen. They stood silent when Iran's universities were intellectually cleansed during the 'cultural revolution'. They stood silent when the clerics seized every instrument of power after the 1979 revolution. They stood silent against the crimes of mad Khalkhalis, Gilanis, Lajevardis and a whole array of Islamic Republic psychopaths. They stood silent during the massacre of Iran's political prisoners, even when minors and pregnant women were summarily executed. They stood silent when corruption spread to unimaginable proportions and Iran's wealth was plundered by the clerical mafia and their off springs. They ignored the rise in poverty, prostitution and drug addiction. They stood silent when our women were forced to become second class citizens. They ignored medieval punishments like public executions, stoning, cutting off hands and limbs which had thrown Iran back to the dark ages.
They ignored the brutal crackdown on Iran's students after the uprising in 1999 and the list of their treacheries goes on.

But some on the list did not just ignore what was happening to their countrymen, they even went out of their way to promote the regime. The likes of Elaheh Rostami, Ziba Mir Hosseini and Haleh Afshar even made outrageous cliams that Iranian women were better off now than before the revolution. The likes of Abbas Edalat, Mohammad Kamali and bourgeoise Communists like Ali Fathollah-Nejad, went out of their way to suppress any news of human rights abuses which would portray a negative image of the Islamic Republic in the world.

Suddenly these 'academics' have sensed the desire for change amongst the Iranians. Suddenly the 'eruptions of pent-up rage' of our people against the Islamic Republic's 'empire of lies' has rang their alarm bells and so they have decided to produce a statement asking for the very things they have always refused to highlight in the past when they were asked to do so.

It is obvious that the centres of real power in Iran are not going to read their statement or show any concern over it, nor will these 'academics' engage in any campaigns for the rights of their countrymen. The reason they have written this statement is one thing only. In case the Islamic Republic collapses, they want something to exist somewhere, which in their mind would exonerate them.

But we should never forget these turncoats and the harms they have caused to the freedom and the well being of the people of Iran. Their objective has always been to boot lick whoever is in power for their own personal gains. We should make sure the future generations of Iranians learn that betrayal and boot licking has grave consequences.


Unknown said...

yes, we must remember. thanks for this, a page in the book of remembrance.

Winston said...

I think the regime will collapse if ahmadinjihad is re-appointed. I hope he is the victor of tomorrow's selection show. Then there'll be our turn to expose these morons in U.K, US and Canada for their betrayal of Iranian people's aspirations to live in a free country.

Namdar said...

I absolutely agree with your posting. The name that really surprises me amongst this lot is Dr. Farhang Jahanpour, who is an active member of the Baha'i community! What's going on?!

Isy said...

Who are these academics exactly? Could someone explain the history and thier origins?

Azarmehr said...


Click on the link to Haleh AFshar and see.

Isy said...

I read the link. Now I want to hurl. Why is she being taken seriously exactly?

Azarmehr said...

That is a good question, why is she being taken seriously? She is not taken seriously by Iranians for they can clearly see through her bullshit but the media seem to warm to her because, a) she is an acadmeic so they think she is an expert b) She knows how to talk the Leftist language and impress them.

Isy said...

you know, this kind of thing wouldn't happen in Israel. Every Israeli is so superior to the rest of the world (we are the center of the univers after all), that obviously we know best. So it is imposible for anyone else being taken seriously :)