Monday, June 29, 2009

Faces of Our Martyrs

This is Kianoosh Assa, gunned down in Azadi Sq. on Monday 15th June.
He was a chemical engineering undergraduate at Tehran Science and Technology university.

Despite all intimidations, his student colleagues held an impressive memorial for him. They even brought down Ahamdinejad's picture and replaced it with Kianoosh's picture.

Kianoosh was from Kermanshah. His family were not told about his death until they came across his body while searching Tehran's morgues after they had not heard form Kianoosh for days.

The enemies of knowledge are extinguishing our brightest stars but they can not see that these dark nights are full of bright stars.


Isy said...

I know this is a bit late but would like to ask a question:
Has there been riots in Iran in other places outside of Teheran?

Azarmehr said...


Of course just read this blog to find out. Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Kerman, Oroumiyeh, Mashad

Anonymous said...

I wonder now that Iran's government talk about Neda's death and how suspicious it is, what about the rest who died during this uprising??? Is there anyone out there to ask Ahmadinejad thid question???

ISIS said...

I almost read your entire blog and still I'm so curious...

I really am in awe at the bravery of those young Iranian martyrs...

It's such a refreshing breeze of freedom...

Anonymous said...

ای خاک تمام عالم برسرهای الاغ به من گوش کنید ببینید چی
بهتون میگم

اکنون باید باید باید تمامی تلاش شما این باشد که ایرانیان بازاری
و پولدار و شرکت دار و بند و بساط دار را در ایران مجاب کنید که
این کودتائی سیاه و روسی است که نقشه ها برای ملاعمری
کردن ایران دارد
و به میل و سلیقه مجتبی خامنه ای و مصباح در آوردن ایران!!!!

اگر اکنون در اعتراضات و اعتصابات شرکت فعال نکنند گردن خود
پولدارها بعد از شما رفرمیست ها زیر گیوتین مشتی چاقوکش
شهرنوی کارخانه دار و ثروتمند مافیای ایران خواهد رفت بی تردید

تمامی این قرتی بازی های اسکی و ویلا و بگیر و برو را بسته
و دکانش را تخته و همه جا برایتان مسجد درست میکنند

به این قرتی قرشمال های بالای شهر تهران بگوئید اگر نواله ای
به دست آوردید بر اثر تلاش رفسی کوسه بوده و برنامه های
اقتصادی او

ورنه زین پس خواهر همگی تون گائیده از دم

بنابراین اکنون که چشم جهان را با شهامت و شجاعت خود خیره
کردید و روی همه را کم کردید باید باید باید به مرحله بعدی روید
یعنی اعتصابات و اعتراضات همزمان برای به زانو در آوردن کودتای
سیاه روسی

مانند زنبوران طلائی در شهرها پخش شوید و با کسبه و بازاریان
گفتگو کنید که باید باید باید مقاومت کنیم پریود ...........نه نه جون نانا

Isy said...

Well to me it seemed like the riots are only in a couple of cities and not widspread. These protests aren't well organized, not like what I've heared of the 1979 revolution, so I can't help but doubt thier success. I do believe though that this is a step, a start of something. Things might not change now but in 20-50 years things will be different and we'll have these protests to thank. I can feel it in my bones, so mark my words.

Sohrab said...


If you youtube 'iran protest,' 'iran clashes,' 'iranian uprising,' and other similar terms, you'll find plenty of footage from all around the country, including rural areas -- proving that the protests were nationwide and not limited to urban areas. (Of course, 70-80% of Iran is urban. So even if the protests were limited to the cities, this is by no means a small thing.)