Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

Was on Sky News and Aljazeera English again tonight. Wasn't too happy with the Aljazeerza interview, couldn't get many points across. Tomorrow is a big day for the future of our country, lets hope there will be no bloodbath and if there is lets make sure there will be a worldwide condemnation.

Don't forget to attend the demos wherever you are. Wouldn't it be great if thousands of non-Iranians join in solidarity too. Keep the momentum going!

I am not a spiritual person, can't remember the last time I prayed but tonight I will say a prayer, hoping God will protect the children of Iran.

Here is a picture of a club wielding thug contained by the noble and courageous people of Iran:


Anonymous said...

God bless the Iranian Freedom Revolution! Down with the mullahs!

Fernando said...

Hello Potkin;

this is Fernando Carreras your former colleague in A'dam.

I fervently hope that a free and democratic Iran comes out of this.

I keep an eye on the blog.

Best luck!


Anonymous said...

May God protect the brave and just Iranian people through this time of vicious bloodshed perpetuated by the evil mullahs and their cruel arab assassins. May God give the Republican Guard the courage to rise up and oust the corrupt and devilish Iranian government. May God give the Iranian people a new era of freedom and democracy! God bless the Iranian peoples!

American people love and support our Iranian friends!

Iran Junkie said...

I'm also in favor of a free and democratic Iran.

More than that, I've become very frustrated by particularly American ignorance about Iran, so I started a blog all about it. I'd love your comments!

Maggie said...

I am a Christian. I pray for the people of Iran, that God will give them the courage to continue their struggle for justice and freedom.

I found some green clothing to wear and I am wearing these items in solidarity.

Anonymous said...

There is strength and safty in numbers! Wear the 'green' proudly and strike a blow for freedom! Just as when the Shah was overthrown the PERSIAN military will NOT fire on noble Iranians! The military will JOIN you! They want freedom as well! Only the insane fanatics and the arab inflitrators pose a threat, BUT NOT IF YOU SHOW UP AND STAND STRONG IN NUMBERS!!! THE WORLD IS WATCHING!

Winston said...

tomorrow is a very big day for the entire world. The future of Iran hangs in the balance.

Azarmehr said...

What does PERSIAN military mean?

Anonymous said...

I went to a demonstration today to only find myself pissed at anti-regime change morons who think that Mousavi is the direct reincarnation of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I think he/she meant to make it clear to ignorant westerners reading here that Iranians are not arabic because the poster goes on to mention later QUOTE:"Only the insane fanatics and the arab inflitrators pose a threat"

I don't think he meant any insult to Iran. It seemed a very pro-Iran post.