Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is Street Justice!

Our brave countrymen are fighting back and giving the tyrants what they deserve, lets not let the Islamic Republic apologists get away with it outside Iran!
This is the street justice of all that pent up rage over the years and it will not go away that easily!

Riot guard is overcome by crowd numbers and is held back from further beating up the protesters.

Look at the fear in the eyes of this riot guard; until a few days ago no one dared look at him the wrong way. When the protests reach the critical mass, everything changes. Lets keep the momentum going.


Anonymous said...

برای دقايقی کلانتری تجریش به کنترل مردم در اومده، درگیری بین نیروهای امنیتی و مردم در جریان است

Winston said...

کاملا باهات موافقم

I am just worried that this momentum will go to toilet hole because there's no united leadership leading this wave against the regime.

Anonymous said...

نوش جونشون

saggezard said...

According to Alireza Meibody on Iranian exile TV, among the captured riot police there were one Palestinian and one Yemenite.