Monday, June 15, 2009

My BBC Interviews on Saturday

Thanks to a friend who put this on youtube:


Hanif Leylabi said...

I'm not saying I think the counting was totally fair but if hardliners could rig it to the extent that Mousavi won or that at least Ahmadinejad din't get 50%+ how come Khatami got 70% and 78%?

I don't find it surprising that Ahmadinejad could have won but I do find it odd that he could win in Sanandaj and get more than 60% of the vote in Rasht. Also only about 350 000 people are listed as voted in North Tehran which sounds a bit odd. I also thought Mousavi would obviously win in Tabriz although Ahmadinejad has extended the right to learn in Azeri there.

Would be interesting to see figures for Lorestan re: Karroubi

I know all of the demonstrators won't be Mousavi supporters but i've seen no chating or posters held up for Karroubi in any of the reports I've seen. It's a bit of a shame the western media are ignoring him almost.

Azarmehr said...

Fuck Off Hanif with your SWP. Its our time to revenge you rich spoiled kids for having supported Islamic Republic for teh last thirty years. Tell your comrade Ady Cousins I am still after him.

United British Alliance said...

"It's great to see the Iranian people demanding a return to a non religous state.
85% turn out thoroughly shames Britains own electorate.
We fully support and respect your Countrymens stance and bodes well for ALL our futures.
Our hand in friendship,

Winston said...


SZ said...

fuck you winston and azarmehr!!!

seriously, I am Iranian and I am ashamed of your behavior! you are not true Iranians!

Your candidate lost, get over it, its a shame you want Iran to be a client state of the United States. To bad assholes, Iran will never be a client state again like it was under the Shah. We are not like the arabs or dirty jews who get money and support from the US, we want to make our own way.

Hanif Leylabi said...

Very mature. Can you answer my question about Khatami's result?

The fact is that the majority of Iranians are not internet surfing small hejab wearing people who love the USA. You live in a bubble and always have done.

Anonymous said...

No, Sasan, Fuck you.

Your days and the days of your loving Basijees and Hezbollah are over in Iran and in Lebanon. Say this to your friends :Go find some " Sourakh Moush'', for hiding yourself.

Good job, Azarmehr, we're proud of you.


SZ said...

very brave can't even post with your name...hahahaha...

you are the ones that want to "free" Iran.....hahahaha...and Azarmehr, i listened to you on the BBC on your blog...what a bunch of lies you tell...

have you ever said something that is true about Iran and its're nothing but an american spy and stooge. I hope people like you are hunted down and killed for treason. This is nothing but a protest against the election, nothing will amount, the country and our leaders will never give in to these thugs burning busses and trashcans on the streets.

There is nothing going on in other cities, its a bunch of rich kids and women from Tehran who are upset they don't get to take off their hejab and prance around tehran.

Go to hell!!! hahah..fucking losers, you and winston both.

barmakid said...

Azarmehr jan,

Chera fosh midi? Chera javabesh nemidi? Mage inah kihastand?


The Khatami numbers can easily be explained. When voter turn-out significantly increases it is categorically (not sometimes, or every now and again, but categorically) in favor of the reform candidate, i.e. the "change" candidate.

This election saw an 85% turnout. Social science tells us that this turnout would categorically be in favor of Mousavi (like it was in 1997 and 2001). This is just one explanation.

Furthermore, the figures for Lorestan (And 11 other provinces that Karoubi handily beat Ahmadniejad in in the 2005 election) are out. If you look at the 2005 stats you will have no choice but to reject the 2009 stats.

They announced the results before the ballots could even be counted for Lenin's sake!!

OH yea, and the whole idea of these people being bourgeoisie youth: Absurd. I really don't know what else to say to that. It's simply absurd.


Hanif Leylabi said...

Sasan - So are the videos from the different cities made up? And how come more people were at the biggest anti-Ahmadinejad demo than (according to the IRI) even voted in the whole of north Tehran?

Give these people batons and clubs and body armour and I'm sure they wouldn't be burning busses but will be giving the real bearded thugs a taste of their own medicine. Looks like time might be up for YOUR leaders.

Anonymous said...

@Sasan The baseeji

ja, right. Should I give you my adres, so you can come here and kill me easily? Have you not killed enough in Iran in the past few days and years?