Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Faces of our Martyrs

Remember behind every number and casualty figure, there is a face, a real person, someone who was loved and had a whole life ahead.

This was Ashkan Sohrabi, shot in the chest on Saturday, at the junction of the Roodaki and Dampezeshki.

He was a keen sportsman, a black belt and second dan in Tae Kwan Do.

There are hundreds more martyrs like Ashkan and there are thousands more like him in the captivity of the evil monsters now. Thousands who could face execution if the evil Friday Prayers leader has his way and the world lets him.


Winston said...

Death to Khamenei and his band of killers

saggezard said...

The regime will not last much longer. The world must not forget the atrocities committed against Iranians. I heard there was a major crackdown today in Park Laleh where many family members of the freedom martyrs were savagely beaten and most arrested and moved to a garrison south of Tehran. I guess all the prisons are filled up now.

Maggie said...

they are killing indiscriminately and trying to blame the protesters for their actions. That is so totally sick.

Bahramerad said...

I blame all the people who promoted this diabolical Election / Selection hysteria and got people excited and into the street - supporting this Hezbollah or the other.
This whole thing was never about freedom or Democracy for Iranians.
It was a sham to show Hajji Obama that now he can deal with an legitimate outfit !
Well tough luck... the bastards have now shown their true faces...
And in this Malay -- so many young people have been injured - killed and imprisoned.
Sham on those people who asked people to go and Vote in this charade.

Sohrab said...


I'm surprised at your cynical reading of these. I would think you of all people would happy to see this political awakening among our people. To be sure, it is profoundly saddening to see the death of our precious youth. And yes, this started out as an election protest about an electoral system that's rigged to begin with. But it's become so much more than that.

Carl in Jerusalem said...

He looks about 14. Am I wrong?

What a shame that the regime is so willing to murder children. And what a shame that the West stands silent and allows them to do so.

Anonymous said...

The mullahs are dripping in blood. The Iranian people now see them as what they are, fat dictators eating up the good life they deny the poor people of Iran. Their stooges the basijis and revolutionary guards will soon feel the heel of the flower of Iranian youth. They have tried to trim the freedom rose plant but it blooms all the more! The end of the Mullah led regime is near. Stand up proud Iran and crush the evil dictators in their own greedy flesh!

Anonymous said...

God bless Mr. Sohrabi. He was a brave soul, an inspiration.