Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shooting at Baharestan Square Has Started

Despite all the security measures and the confusion on whether Moussavi has called for the people to gather outside the Islamic Assembly in Baharestan Sq or not, people have started to converge towards the square. Many are wearing black arm bands and holding pictures of Neda.
One girl has been shot already and not known whether she is alive or dead.

Picture is not from today at Baharestan. How many of us will they have to kill? how many generations will have to pay the price for this messianic junta to enslave the people of Iran?

How many more times, is the world prepared to let them get away with it?


bardia said...

جهانیان چشم فرو بسته اند و به دیده بی طرفانه و حتی تمسخرآمیز به جمهوری اسلامی ولایت فقیه می نگرند. ولی آن روز نزدیک است که خود در منجلاب بی تفاوتی خویش گرفتار شوند و از خواب غفلت بیدار شوند. ولی دیگر دیر شده است
مردم ایران راه مبارزه و برون رفت از اسلامگری را خود آموخته اند و این دنیای غرب است که باید به فکر چاره ای برای بقایش باشد

Anonymous said...

The whole fiasco started because of an election involving candidates who support the same regime. The protesters are not calling for the whole regime to topple yet.

Maggie said...

The UN Secretary General has had the balls to condemn this action.... yet....I have not heard my own Prime Minister make a statement of condemnation... I guess like Obummer he is too busy preening himself and being more concerned about trivial matters.

Nadir said...


Don't talk if you don't knwo what you are talking about. How many clips do you want me to show you where people are shouting death to Islamic Republic and burning Khameneii's pictures.