Friday, June 12, 2009

Worrying News

Pro-Ahmadinejad news websites are already announcing Ahmadinejad as the outright winner. Rajanews says 69% have voted for Ahamdienjad and 28% for Moussavi. Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA, has also announced Ahmadienjad as the certain winner.

The picture shows, club wielding pro-Ahmadinejad supporters are already in the streets intimidating the people.


Bardia said...

موسوی پا شده رفته وزارت کشور

Winston said...

excellent news for me. It means a quicker path to the end of the brutal regime.

barmakid said...

You and your pictures. It doesn't matter what is said on that website.

Ra'ees setad entekhabati hanooz barandarro elam nakarde. va be ezafe inke bishtar az araye shemordeshode az mahalat roostahi boodand. entezar nadashtan ke tedad raidehandgan inghadar bashad, banabareen bishtar tool mikeshe araye mahalat shahri beshmaran.

Hanooz emkane dore dovom hast, na tars.


Anonymous said...

Mousavi bye bye, Mousavi bye bye


saggezard said...

LMAO, it reminds me of the line from Kiosk's song: Democracie deeni, Pizzaie ghormehsabzi.

Sohrab said...

Even if the regime hasn't manipulated the vote, Musavi supporters are going to be very suspicious. And rightly so. The Mullahs has a terrible, well-deserved reputation in this regard.

Anywho some degree of manipulation certainly did occur.

And it's going to get ugly.

Anonymous said...

yeah, mr ahmadinejad has won! We've seen a strong anti-ahmadinejad propaganda from the west before the election, but in the end iranians used their own minds and voted as they wished.

Anonymous said...


Azarmehr said...

Iranians didn't vote as they wished you silly tart! They have never voted as they wished, they are always faced with a choice of bad and worse, usually they boycott but this time it was a choice of bad and very very worse and they were conned into taking part in the elections now they are bitter that they were conned into taking part in this charade and even then their vote wasn't counted for even though the candidate were approved candidated and regime officials at some point.

Truly you are an arsehole..