Monday, June 08, 2009

Karroubi Supporters March in Tehran

This is the film footage of the march by Karroubi supporters which I wrote about in my previous post. I couldn't download it from facebook but with the help of a friend, finally I managed it.

This footage is a vivid example of how the Iranian people are taking advantage of the freedoms briefly granted before the elections.
Some of the slogans they are shouting:
'Free choice of Hejab is the Right of Iranian Woman'
'Down with this government of lies'
'The oil money is missing, we have all been cheated'
'Reform of the Constitution'
'Death to Dictator'


barmakid said...

I think the Rezaee debate was the best one. They discussed legitimate issues - inflation, unemployment and import tariffs amongst other things.

If you're not voting for Ahmadinejad - Rezaee's the best bet. The others are incompetent and won't be able to accomplish their agenda (which makes their agendas worthless). Plus, Rezaee is basically saying the same things as Moussavi, the only difference is that he is competent and was a more formidable debate partner.


Azarmehr said...


You remind me of the simple impressionable youth of the early 80s who would get so impressed so quickly without doing their homework properly. The very naivity which resulted in the demise of a whole generation. What the hell are you on about Rezaii is the best bet. The best bet for who?

barmakid said...

You know, you're right. It was just my initial delight with the fact that he was actually able to hold his own with Ahmadinejad. I guess i just got caught up in the whole debate atmosphere.

Did you see how Ahmadinejad just shrugged off Rezaee's time with the sepah pasdaran though :))) And then, "all you do is give your opinion, you don't know how to administrate a government." :))

He's a well trained attack dog.

The run-off will be between him and Mousavi I think. And he will win the run-off.


P.S. I could have played devil's advocate and told you why Rezaee is the best bet but it's 3am right now and I haven't finished my work. Next time.

دوست said...

بشارت باد پاشاهی آفریدگار

خداوند یکتا آقا ابراهیم میرزایی

هی حی الحضور واجب الوجود

Anonymous said...

I think, Rezaie is another wolf in sheep'sclothing, just like Ahmadinejad.

Honestely, te best bet in my eyes is at his moment, Mehdi Karoubi.

Azarmehr said...

Rezaee's jaw just dropped when he was confronted with that specific question and he didn't know how to answer him. These people are just not used to being questioned.

barmakid said...

I know! Rezaee was like "we're talking in front of 40 million people, this is not the time" haha.

I think Rezaee had one thing right: that Ahmadinejad operates alone. He meant it as a criticism but he's right.

I'm not saying Ahmadinejad is the guy, but Mossadegh pulled it off initially because he had his own power base - he wasn't a puppet in a decades old dynasty.

After watching these debates I don't believe Ahmadinejad can just be tagged as a puppet. He came off very genuine to me, just like any politician trying to defend his record.


René O'Deay said...

I hope the men are protecting the women who dare to show their hair and faces.