Friday, June 19, 2009

"Most Evil" or "Most Stupid" Government?

I thought the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameneii, had a cheek calling UK, "the most evil of western governments". The figure head of this "most evil" government, i.e. Her Majesty the Queen, congratulated the Islamic Republic on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, calling it the 'Iranian National Day'.

This "Most Evil" government has allowed the Islamic Republic to set up its Press TV here in UK to poison the minds of young impressionable Muslims in Europe. London's buses advertise Press TV as the 'Voice for the Voiceless', while the crack down continues in Iran and Iran's bus drivers union leaders are still in jail.

This "Most Evil" government has allowed the Supreme Leader to open an Islamic Centre in Maida Vale, London. This "Most Evil" government has allowed the mad messianic Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi to fund the Islamic Studies Centre in Durham university and extend its tentacles in UK.

This "Most Evil" government continues to shy away from outright condemnation of people being beaten to death in the streets of Iran.

Perhaps Most Stupid, would have been more fitting. A Most Stupid government that is easily taken for a ride and has advisors like Baroness Haleh Afshar.


Neda Mehregan said...

20 June 2009
Khamenei- The Unveiling of a second Hitler
I watched with great interest and disdain Ayatollah Khamenei’s address at Friday prayers in the grounds of Tehran University. He started off, for the first half hour, talking about stories from the Quran, Mecca and Medina. At this time he seemed calm and composed.
As he went on eventually to address the issue at hand, that of the recent and unprecedented unrest against the questionable elections results, he became more animated, vengeful and twisted. He started accusing the west, in particular Britain, as the “most evil of them all”, then he turned on the opposition leaders with still more venom before dishing out threats that there will be bloodshed if people did not stop their protesting.
I began to draw so many parallels between this man and Hitler : Both ideologists with somewhat fanatic and extreme beliefs. Hitler wanted world domination and Khamenei aims to expand his particular Islamic ideology across the globe, hence his policy of supporting terrorism and supplying arms to groups who can help promote his policies.
Hitler used his charisma and the bad economic conditions of the time to gain support for his fascist ideas. Khamenei has used the proceeds of the country’s oil revenues to buy support, mainly from the lower classes, who do not have the means and opportunities to make informed decisions. Like Hitler, Khamenei has used widespread propaganda, generated by the state owned media, to deceive and to brain wash.
Amongst the tactics used in the last 30 years has been religious blackmail; ie. If you don’t do as we say, you are an enemy of Islam and you will be punished. His “morality” police having a prominent presence on the streets, arresting young people, intimidating and beating them at every opportunity provides ample evidence of this method .
Like Hitler, Khamenei has become increasingly delusional, fanatical and paranoid, so much so that many of his earlier supporters now have distanced themselves from him and are defiantly opposing him. It now seems that Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, who sniffs around him like a little rat, are now a double act, becoming increasingly isolated and remote from reality. His speech, at times, appeared no more than rantings of a medieval lunatic, with a sever case of illusion de grandeur, desperately wanting to cling on to power.
Finally like Hitler, Khamenei is anti-Semitic, attacking Jews (and other religious minorities) and like Hitler he has committed atrocities on a massive scale against the people. These include having people killed while asleep in their homes, attacking university dormitories and bludgeoning students to death in the middle of the night, arresting journalists, torturing people while held unlawfully in prisons, kidnappings etc; The list goes on.
A madman with a gun is a dangerous thing, not just for Iran but for the world. It’s time the world woke up and took notice.

Neda Mehregan

alison said...

I read Gordon Brown's outright condemnation of the killings yesterday.

Winston said...

The most evil govt deserves to be destroyed in my opinion. They are responsible for this mess too

Sohrab said...


The regime apologist-in-chief in the US, our Haleh Afshar, is Trita Parsi. Everywhere you turn to, Parsi and his insipid National Iranian American Council staffers show up to say "the US should let the legal process work itself out." Meanwhile, there is reports of helicopters spraying some skin irritant agent dissolved in boiling water on the masses.

Some legal process, Mr. Parsi.

Renee said...

You have no evidence to substantiate your claims that Mesbah Yazdi is financing *anything* at the University of Durham. Your allegations may also be litigious.