Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Noble People, I Salute You

We ask Google to change its logo for one day in solidarity with the people of Iran and their uprising for peace and freedom:

Where is their vote?

Look what a noble people we have. These are not the bloodthirsty neanderthals hungry for revenge and bloodshed. Only minutes ago, this foolish policeman was riding his bike through them and beating them with their electric batons, yet when he is captured, the people are magnanimous towards him and show him humanity. This is why if this revolution wins, it will change the face of the region and the world for better.

Yet no one is marching for us in the world, and once again we are denied the international support and the Galloways and the SWPs of this world have no shame to call this a movement of rich North Tehran residents only.

People are cursing Obama and Gordon Brown in the streets of Tehran for their silence but how would they feel if they knew about Galloways and the SWP of this world?!


Anonymous said...

People in America are cursing voting for Obama as well.

barmakid said...


You have to understand why Obama isn't saying anything. You have to.


Azarmehr said...


Believe me I am just reporting back what I am being told when I say people are cursing Obama and Gordon Brown and they are hailing Sarkozi. They are not asking them to say if the election was rigged or support Moussavi, they just want the world to condemn the atrocities.

Today I heard a wounded person was taken away from under the operating table in hospital in shiraz and then killed. I am hearing of a family in Shahrak Gharb, who were holding a wake for their son killed in the protests. The elite units have set their house on fire and beaten up badly all who were present during the wake.

WHat you see on mass media is just teh tip of teh iceberg, even youtube isn't showing all that is going on because the images are too disturbing. Why is no one marching for us again?????

barmakid said...


Stop spreading misinformation. No one is cursing Obama except the same people that would do so even if he achieved world peace. You know, people like racist,religious zealots (sasan comes to mind).

Obama is taking the best approach possible in this case. He is not going to become the scapegoat for the establishment. Do you really think he would want the IRI to remain in power? Of course not, so you ave to assume that the Obama administration is taking the most strategic approach toward achieving their goals (the downfall of the IRI, and simultaneously weakening Hezbollah Hamas).

President Obama is not a reactionary. Bush was a reactionary. McCain is a reactionary.


barmakid said...


Those are terrible stories of which I have heard the same. It kills me too. I feel powerless in the United States va omidvaram ke seh hafteh digeh betoonam beram Iran.

But the people who are cursing Obama and hailing Sarkozi are frenzied, emotional participants - they are not thinking about strategy.

Do you know how politically expedient and easy it would be for Obama to publicly oppose Ahmadinejad and support the protesters? We have to give him credit that he hasn't given into the political pressure - and acknowledge how he has helped the protesters by not supporting them publicly.

By not saying anything, he is saying everything.

For sasan's sake, his administration was able to get Twitter to reschedule their website maintenance to during the late hours in Iran instead of the late hours of the United States (which is the busy time of day in Iran).

Can you agree that he is acting in a way that is beneficial to the protesters?


saggezard said...

Galloway's remarks are a disgrace and an insult to the innocent and oppressed of the world. Typical instigation and twisting of ethics to fit his and his kind of despots' stance.

alison said...

Sod Obama - he's a limp dick asshole. I am pleased the people there are calling him on his shite. He was quick enough to wade into Israeli affairs when he felt like it. Man's a tosser. Gordon Brown is finished so pointless worryng about him. Obama Great Hope for the Universe proves himself a wet week in Ancient Liberalism. Let's organise a rally here?

Phoenix said...

Barmakid:Americans ARE getting a peek at what's happening thanks to Journalist Christiane Amanpour!!!
I would agree with Most of The World that This is YOUR revolution and I feel that YOU can do & Must do this on Your Own for Your Own...I have Faith in The Iranian People. You Have the Power to Change your Government for the Better and Only YOU can do that!

Winston said...

What I am not sure is whether this is going to be an evolution of the regime into something more violent or a more open Islamic Republic with some reforms in its constitution. I am though sure that from here on the face of the regime will change if it stays in power. I am also hopeful that people realize they can do a lot more than reform. They can cut this regime in half and kill it now.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a pidgeon-chested little tosser. America elected a weakling with a yellow stripe down the middle of his back.


A Jacksonian said...

I do stand with the Free People of Iran, and sorrow that the leader of my Nation cannot bring himself to say the words 'Liberty' and 'Freedom' in regards to anyone... he cannot see that which is self-evident. And yet it is Common Sense which he ignores as the Free People of Iran find it so as to feed the Great Tree of Liberty so they may seek its shade of Freedom.

Reagan stood up for those things, as did JFK against far worse, more terrible threats and foes.

As we see the end of that non-support in Iran we see that it begins in America... and soon America will look very much like Iran does now. Hate us not for such woeful leadership... pity us as we descend and you arise to press forward towards that ever shining goal of Liberty and Freedom, the birth right of all mankind.

Simon Forbes said...

Galloway comments are as predictable as they are pathetic

Put this up on our blog about him and other rats

SZ said...

Um, president Obama won by a good margin during his own elections.

Why should he say something about the elections in Iran??? Did other countries say anything when Gore and Bush were fighting it out in the courts?? Did Iran come and say that Gore or Bush should be president.

What you traitor Iranians abroad dont understand is that the United States under this administration will not interfere in internal affairs of any nation, whether Iran or France.

Its idiotic to curse Obama just because he doesnt agree with you.

And Barmakid, who ever said I am religious, or any sort of zealot.....I, like many Iranians in Iran, want our country to be free of influence of the west, and to have our own system. This system we have currently is one of the few Democratic systems the Middle East. When Khatami won the presidency with 70% of the vote, nobody came and said that it was rigged, because you agreed with because the incumbent has won in a landslide, you say that its rigged....hmm...curious.

Also, you are claiming millions at these rallies, that is FALSE, there are thousands for sure, but not millions, lets not LIE about things here. afterall, you are NOT in Iran. I live in Tehran, I see and witness most things each day that happens here.

And Azarmehr, you salute us??? really, you have been against our country for many years, don't give me that BS that you are against the regime..this government was ushered in by the PEOPLE if you remember, oh wait, you don't because you left our country and became an enemy.

Like I said, you and winston and barmakid are as good as dead, you just don't know it yet.

Anonymous said...

I pray the future of Iran sees this through. Potkin, if there is any ability to let them know, many, many people in American are pulling for the folks of Iran who want freedom.

Please don't give up.

Anonymous said...

They may not be marching but they sure are putting the info out there. See here and here (that guy is hardly sleeping at all) and here. And there's more out there.

As for US intervention, see here.

John said...

I don't think Iran will be getting the million-strong marches anywhere in the world (too much bad press, too little connect between people). But there are certainly protests and demonstrations being held around the world in support of the Iranian people.

Not talking about Azarmehr here, but I'm suprised how many ex-pats are projecting their own "demands" onto the protestors in Iran. It's almost as bad are the disinfo about "Tanks rolling down Vali Asr!" crap on Twitter.

Hoping for a resolution that secures the hard-won freedoms Iranians want.

Azarmehr said...


What do you expect when foreign journalists are kicked out of Iran, of course there will be disinformation.

In UK Press TV, Islamic Republic TV in Europe, is advertising on London buses while Bus Driver Union leaders are in jail and journalists are kicked out and teh Press TV ad says, we give voice to the voiceless.

One's blood boils at how mauch crap the Europen public are willing to turn a blind eye to

Anonymous said...

Violence hits the homeland, ProtesterHelp attacked in Ohio for providing proxys

Anonymous said...

Is Sasan threatning your life Potkin? He is called you as good as "dead".

Azarmehr said...

DOn't worry about Sasan(?) these small potatoes always make threats but when we come face to face with them in CASMII meetings they cower like sewage rats

David Baker, USA said...

We Americans are greatly inspired by the courage and determination of the Iranian people. Their fight against tyranny will have repercussions unimagined by the political opportunists now holding arrogant court in the capitals of the western world.

Forget Obama, he's a plotting boy in man's clothing. Soon all political despots will be pulled from their high horses, thanks to the brave Iranian people.

Arash said...

Aghaye Azarmehr:

Now exams are over I can post more here.

Anyway, obviously Galloway's comments are a disgrace, but let us not forget, this is a man who believes Hezbollah are "a legitimate national resistance". We should not be surprised that he endorses the Mullah regime, they are his natural allies.

Incidentally: have you been watching BBC Persian? They've just interviewed Haleh Afshar, it was pricless.


Azarmehr said...


No what did Afshar say?

alison said...

There are now several demos planned in Europe and elsewhere in support of the protestors. Info flying around Twitter.

What the New York Times did yesterday was appauling. At least the Times asked it's readers if they should even link to that NYT piece to protect the 'tweeters' identities. I made it pretty damn clear I thought they should not. Are you on Twitter Azamehr?

Arash said...

Things along the lines of the SOAS meeting. Essentially that Britain and the USA have no place in condemning the Iranian elections, as that would be meddling in internal affairs and so forth. It is rather a dangerous thing to say, as it implies that one cannot ever oppose dictators for fear of being accused of meddling.

Obviously I am NOT in favour of Britain or America meddling in Iranian affairs, however there is a difference between calling a spade a spade by acknowledging that the Islamic Republic of Iran is neither democratic or fair, and meddling.

Anyway, BBC Persian is just terrible, they're interviewing some woman (Maryam something, I didn't catch the surname) who's going on about how we should celebrate the fact that 24 million people voted for Ahmadinejad. I despair.


Azarmehr said...


Looks like they just want to appease teh Islamic Republic again so they don't have their signal jammed.

Azarmehr said...


No I am not on twitter

Anonymous said...

V=Can't get through to BBC Persian by phone. I have emailed and told them what I think of Haleh Afshar

John said...


A friend in Iran asks if people who were at the London demos can confirm whether there were people with Hizbollah armbands or other Basij insignia.

I doubt they would have dared wear that shit, but can you confirm it didn't happen?


Azarmehr said...

Didn't see any Hezbollah arm bands. Green arm bands yes but not Hezbollah. There were some dubious characters who are trying to get in and do some damage, but they are being watched closely

Neda Mehregan said...

A guy called Flynt Leverett from New American Foundation said on Channel 4 today that it is perfectly plausible for Ahmadinejad to have won as he has a massive following!!! Who the hell is this guy??

Arash said...

Surprise, surprise CASMII are giving him a platform for his "view":


Azarmehr said...

Thanks Arash, I have added that CASMII link to the latest post. NEVER FORGET THESE TRAITORS.

Anonymous said...

Down with Sasan! Up with the Iranian Freedom Revolution!