Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Are Iranians and You Should be Too

Look at the nobility of the Iranian freedom protesters once again. The riot guards are trapped in what seems to be a dead end. The mass of protesters facing them are ready to give them a battering they deserve, yet the Iranian trait of 'Javanmardi', the noble tradition of the strongmen protecting the weak, shows again in this clip. Leaders tell the protesters to hold back and one of them is heard telling the riot guards, 'We are Iranians and you should be too, so be off'. Will all these honourable virtues finally have an impact on these brainwashed savages?


Anonymous said...

I love this video. It shows the true Iranian spirit and the huge heart that the real Irani has.

No violence is worth the damage it inflicts, but I would have liked to see a slightly different picture than what is shown here.

If the protesters could just get the riot police to lay down their weapons/batons and then let them walk off, that would have a much bigger impact than the show of mercy. Just a single video with this would allow so many more to join the protest as they could see a real gain.

The people should not fight violence with violence, but if the people of Iran can take the weapons away from the riot police, then there will be less beating going on.

Unknown said...

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Winston said...

I am not sure if the savages would learn anything because if they did, they wouldnt be savages.

Hanif Leylabi said...

How do you define a 'real Irani,' If Iranians don't have this spirit (and clearly quite a few of the beardies don't!) are they not real Iranians?

This is clearly an ideological question not one about some mythical national trait.

The people don't have arms. Unless there is solid mass strike action, demonstrations on their own cannot win fundamental change (unless the army gets involved)

Personally I've got no sympathy for any scumbag police or basiji that gets a taste of their own medicine.

Azarmehr said...

Hanif the Traitor,

I just knew this Iranian chivalry working class tradition would be beyond your understanding and so alien to you.

Who are you kidding any way? You have always supported the regime thugs. You don't even know the difference between thugs and working classes.

Maggie said...

The video is a testimony to the number of times that I have seen these people, even after they have been beaten, allow the basij or the police to leave.

I note that the basij who murdered Neda was caught, his ID was taken from him, his photograph was taken and he was allowed to leave. I would have thought that the people who saw this shocking action would have not been so lenient. However, it seems that there is a spirit in the common Iranian man/woman that is hard to define.

To me, a Christian, this shows the innate goodness of these people. They have all suffered so much hardship, they are angry, and rightly so, yet they will do those small acts of mercy - like that first time when they helped the injured policemen, protected them from the angry crowds, gave them water and set them free.

It takes a lot of guts to treat the "enemy" in this way. Yet the way I see it is that God is working within those who do not do acts of violence against those who have consistently hurt and tortured their loved ones. It shows a strength of character which is generally quite unique, yet in some ways this is also an Israeli trait. (you might not like me saying that - but despite what is often claimed the Israelis do in fact assist those people in spite of the intifada and the constant terror attacks that take place within Israel. Hamas actually take children as hostages, and then when the children are killed they blame the Israelis. I have seen the video showing them dragging children and taking them as hostages).

So yes, I do think that the common man in Iran is very noble.

Hanif Leylabi said...

Maggie- Yeh Israelis are so lovely they have voted in the most right wing government ever with a foreign minister who is almosta fascist.

You do not have constant terror attacks in 'Israel' but many Palestinians live under constant watch, fear of incursionss, curfews, arial bombardment and more. Your government has taken part in, and facilitated massacres and 'Israel' was founded on the blood of Palestinians forced from their homes by roaming gangs of Jewish Zionist terrorists.

Israel will fall, just like the regime will and everyone in the middle east will be able to live in peace and freedom, Jewish, Arab, Persian, Azeri, Kurd and others. But this will only come from struggle and the struggle of the Palestinian people acts as a beacon to those fighting against oppression around the world.